Jagermeister 70cl £18.49 @Sainsburys Online & Instore

Jagermeister 70cl £18.49 @Sainsburys Online & Instore

Found 19th Apr 2013
Cheapest around at moment so it seems:

Asdas £18.50

Tesco £21

A famous spirit based 'shot' that is a world beater. Made in Germany to a secret blend of 56 herbs, roots and fruits, best served as an ICE COLD shot.



A favourite of Croatian soccer coaches I believe (_;)

best served as an ICE COLD shot

Best served in a Jägerbomb

Got some at Makro at £13.40 a bottle a few weeks ago. Wow I got lucky!

Hmmmm... I think I'll have to get some tomorrow!

The cashiers at my local Sainsburys must think I'm an alcoholic after all the spirits I've been buying on offer recently ...


It was £12 a litre at Christmas!


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It was £12 a litre at Christmas!

It's no longer Christmas oO

This seems expensive. I dunno about £12 a litre but I have seen it cheaper than this many many times..

Asda's normal price is £18.50 so this is hardly a deal now is it.
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