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Jaipur Card Game - £8.66 @ Amazon Prime Day exclusive
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Jaipur Card Game - £8.66 @ Amazon Prime Day exclusive

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Posted 16th Jul

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The Maharajah of Rajasthan has decided to build a new capital city called Jaipur
A place of opulence, wealth, and wondrous opportunity—especially for a trader such as yourself.

You know the trade routes of this desert region, and you have access to the highest quality spices and silks. In Jaipur, you have a chance not only to become richer than ever before, but to become the personal trader of the Maharajah himself.
Jaipur is a quick, intense, two-player card game

Useful Information
2 Players.
Ages 12+.
30 Minute Playing Time.

Each turn, you must choose whether to acquire goods and camels or sell your stock for as many rupees as you can, but you cannot do both.
At the end of a round, the wealthiest trader earns the Maharajah’s seal of excellence.
The game lasts until one player earns two seals of excellence and wins.

Buy Carefully.
You start the game with a hand of five cards which will likely be a mix of goods and camels. A market of cards will also be available for purchase. To be a good trader, you must balance buying goods with investing in the means to convey them.

Sell Strategically.
You can sell only one kind of good at a time, however you can sell as much of it as they want. Selling three or more cards at once earns a bonus. The goods depreciate as the game progresses, so whoever sells something first earns more rupees for the amount sold than the next player. You can’t simply buy goods for the first half of the round and then sell them off near the end—not only is it an unprofitable strategy, but it’s prevented by the seven-card hand limit.

Box Contains:
55 Merchandise and Camel Cards.
57 Tokens.
Three Seals of Excellence.
Rule Book.

Learning how to play Jaipur takes no time at all
However becoming a trader worthy of the seal of excellence is not easy. You must be able to read the market, learning the right time to acquire goods and the right time to sell them. You must make difficult choices in every turn and weigh your opponent’s options against your own. Whether you’re a seasoned expert at trading or just starting your business, Jaipur offers you a challenging, exciting market in every game.
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Heat added, lowest price by far according to CamelCamelCamel (lowest prev £14.16)
We have so many card games now but I just can't resist fab for taking on family holidays
This is a very fun game!

Very quick to pick up and you can get a few rounds of this in a row.
One thing to mention is if you get card sleeves, you won't be able to fit it back in the box inside the plastic case holder but you can fix this by cutting the casing in half and keeping the half used to hold the tokens.
Great game, insane price. Hot for me! Thanks op
jayhutton1016/07/2019 11:39

Great game, insane price. Hot for me! Thanks op

Just repaying the favour Jay! 😁
Great game. One of my favourites.
Excellent game for 2 players! Bargain at that price
All gone, wait list only now
Doesn't really have the kind of depth to make it a game I'd play again myself, but I am a nerd.

It was fun enough for a one off, and would be suitable for families getting their kids into some less mainstream games, or as a simple game where you have friends over and don't want to learn a load of rules.
all lighting deals sold...
This arrived today. Already played it twice and beat the wife 2-0. It really is a good two player game.
RobynSellers17/07/2019 20:21

This arrived today. Already played it twice and beat the wife 2-0. It …This arrived today. Already played it twice and beat the wife 2-0. It really is a good two player game.

Mine arrived also, its great
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