James Bond 007-Quantum of Solace- £7.99 Plus Free Delivery@Game Station

James Bond 007-Quantum of Solace- £7.99 Plus Free [email protected] Station

Found 1st Dec 2009
A stocking filler, good game.

Game Station 7.99
Play 8.99
Amazon 9.99
Tesco Entertainment 16.97
Game 34.99

The gameplay is amazing, but what lets it down is that there is only a few levels from the Quantum of Solace movie and more from the Casino Royal movie. still recomend it to everyone =D
Submitted by Charlie onions
It's quite good. A little rough around the edges though. It's quite awkward when you take cover because you switch from first person to third person. It's not the best game in the world but it's ok.
Submitted by oliver pepall
this game is awesome. multiplayer makes it all team conflict is aweseome and golden gun is. and the story mode is really exiting and you just want to keep playing it over and over. the multiplayer is like cod4

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