James Bond £7 in store buy 1 get 1 free @ Woolworths

James Bond £7 in store buy 1 get 1 free @ Woolworths

Found 9th Nov 2007
Woolworths are selling the James Bond films for £7 @ buy 1 get 1 free so in turn they cost £3.50 each. Bought a few of them. Not sure how long this deal will last.

I think this is a in store deal and NOT an online deal.


Welcome to the forums achapman. I've added the retailer name to the thread title. Thanks

1-disc or 2-disc? In any case it's a good deal.

They are also doing this deal instore at WH Smith

Again anyone know which version this is 1 or 2 disc

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ultimate edition 2 disc

They usually do a promotion like this in the run-up to Christmas...

Checked in both the Bishops Stortford Woolwoths and WH Smith - no sign of any buy 1 get 1 free offer, just £7 each.
Sainsbury's do have a limited selection of these at 3 for £15 though.

Same in my local Woolies. £7 each but no bogof!


Same in my local Woolies. £7 each but no bogof!

Yep, same in Halton Lea (Runcorn) Woolworths! :-(

Smiths are doing them for £7 each.

buy bond get bong free, nice deal

It's not BOGOF in the Woolies in Hull either, just £7 each..

I'm sorry to be so pedantic, but apart from the OP has ANYONE actually managed to get these on BOGOF? Everyone else who has posted here, has reported not.

I myself saw these disks at £7 each at my local WH Smiths, and even though there was no BOGOF sign, I thought I would ask a sales assistant anyway. They were still laughing when I left a few minutes later. So why voted so hot?

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hmmm, I find that strange I will check later this afternoon to see if they are still doing the deal. I will try and get a pic of the deal


007 + 1 = 008?
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