James Bond: Quantum Of Solace (Xbox 360) = £6.99 @ HMV

James Bond: Quantum Of Solace (Xbox 360) = £6.99 @ HMV

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Found 2nd Dec 2011
Another cheap highly rated game. Bit of a wait for it, 5-8 days.

Key Features

- Be the New Bond: The 'Quantum of Solace' game marks the first time players can become the dangerous and cunning Bond as portrayed by Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace” and “Casino Royale.”

- Combat Variety: From silent take downs and sneaking through confined spaces, to one-on-one shoot outs and large scale battles, players experience a variety of gameplay that challenges them to think through situations and choose how they progress, whether it's through covert means or confronting enemies in full force.

- Advanced combat and Realistic AI: Players engage in both first-person and third-person gameplay that allows gamers to be Bond in unscripted battles against the world's most evil villains and mercenaries.

- Cinematic Appeal: Filled with armed combat, massive explosions and vertigo-inducing chases, gamers are immersed in an authentic Bond universe and drawn into epic movie moments with theatrical camera angles, split screen effects, picture-in-picture sequences, and amazing environments inspired by real world locations such as Montenegro, Venice, Bolivia and Austria.

- Unparalleled Bond Multiplayer Experience: Bringing James Bond to next-gen consoles for the first time, gamers now have the ability to battle online in a variety of modes.
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this was like £5 a year ago
Think OP might have got this mixed up with Goldeneye that's currently out now...
great game though im waiting for bloodstone to hit a fiver shouldnt be long now
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