James Bond Ultimate Collection - 4 for £75 @ UWish
James Bond Ultimate Collection - 4 for £75  @ UWish

James Bond Ultimate Collection - 4 for £75 @ UWish

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James Bond Ultimate Collection - Vol. 1 - Goldfinger/Diamonds Are Forever/The Man With The Golden Gun (next price Base.com - £29.49 )
James Bond Ultimate Collection - Vol. 2 - Thunderball/The Spy Who Loved Me/A View To A Kill/Licence to kill (next price Base.com £30.95 )
James Bond Ultimate Collection - Vol. 3 - From Russia With Love/On Her Majesty's Secret Service/Live and let die (next price Amazon UK - £29.98 )
James Bond Ultimate Edition - Vol. 4 - Dr. No/You Only Live Twice/Moonraker/Octopussy/Tomorrow Never dies (next price Base.com - £29.95)

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http://www.uwish.co.uk/image/l_200_114090.jpg[SIZE="4"]Vol 1[/SIZE]
Includes the films GOLDFINGER, DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, and THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH. In GOLDFINGER, British spy James Bond attempts to foil Auric Goldfinger's plan to contaminate Fort Knox's gold with atomic radiation, thus increasing the value of Goldfinger's own hoard of gold. In DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER, James Bond gets entangled in the world of international diamond smuggling. While on the trail of jewel thieves, he discovers plans for unleashing a nuclear armageddon on Earth. In THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN, James Bond is assigned the task of recovering a valuable piece of technical equipment capable of harnessing the sun's energy. Standing in his way are a number of arch-villains. In THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS, Bond is assigned to protect a Russian defector from the KGB. When the defection proves to be an elaborate ploy, Bond woos her anyway, and together they follow a trail to a crooked American arms dealer supplying weapons to Afghanistan. In THE WORLD IS NOT ENOUGH, James Bond is sent on a mission to save the world's oil supply and tackles Renard, a man who can't feel physical pain.
http://www.uwish.co.uk/image/l_200_114091.jpg[SIZE="4"]Vol 2[/SIZE]
Includes the films THUNDERBALL, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, A VIEW TO A KILL, LICENCE TO KILL, and DIE ANOTHER DAY. THUNDERBALL finds super spy James Bond battling a powerful organisation named S.P.E.C.T.R.E, which has threatened to destroy Miami with an atomic weapon unless a huge ransom is paid. In THE SPY WHO LOVED ME, James Bond is coupled with a Russian agent to recover stolen Soviet submarines from evil oceanography Carl Stromberg and his gigantic lackey, Jaws. In A VIEW TO A KILL, James Bond must foil the plot of a diabolical scientist trying to control the world computer market by destroying California's Silicon Valley. In LICENCE TO KILL, James Bond quits Her Majesty's Secret Service to go after a drug kingpin who brutalised a fellow agent and his new bride. In DIE ANOTHER DAY, James Bond is captured and tortured during a mission in North Korea. When he is liberated, Bond tracks a terrorist named Zao and follows a mysterious trail that leads to flamboyant diamond mogul Gustav Graves.
http://www.uwish.co.uk/image/l_200_114092.jpg [SIZE="4"]Vol 3[/SIZE]
Includes the films FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, LIVE AND LET DIE, FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, and GOLDENEYE. In FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE, James Bond battles against the international crime syndicate SPECTRE, who intend to turn the cold war into a nuclear war. In ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE, James Bond is pitted against Blofeld--his arch-enemy--again, this time infiltrating his installation high in the Swiss Alps. In LIVE AND LET DIE, James Bond infiltrates a gang of narcotics smugglers in voodoo-infested Jamaica. His daring exploits lead him on a number of incredible chases. In FOR YOUR EYES ONLY, James Bond has to locate a weapons system that controls Britain's submarines after it is sunk on a ship in the Ionian Sea. In GOLDENEYE, James Bond is pitted against a gang of Russian mobsters and former military men who have gained access to the Goldeneye, which can cut off electrical currents in London.
http://www.uwish.co.uk/image/l_200_114093.jpg[SIZE="4"]Vol 4[/SIZE]
Includes the films DR. NO, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, MOONRAKER, OCTOPUSSY, and TOMORROW NEVER DIES. In DR. NO, whilst he is investigating the strange goings-on in Jamaica, James Bond, a secret agent, uncovers a plot to conquer the world. Master criminal Doctor No becomes the chief suspect. YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE sees the Soviet Union and the United States blaming each other for mysteriously missing space capsules and nuclear warfare between the two superpowers seems imminent. However, Her Majesty's Secret Service suspects the rockets are being held in the Sea of Japan and assigns James Bond to fake his death in order to go undercover. In MOONRAKER, James Bond discovers that genocidal maniac-millionaire Hugo Drax plans to poison all of humanity from outer space and repopulate earth with only the most perfectly bred humans. In OCTOPUSSY, James Bond is sent to defeat a maniacal Soviet general who is about to cause a nuclear accident that will cripple Western Europe and make the USSR ruler of the world. In TOMORROW NEVER DIES, James Bond goes after a ruthless media baron whose diabolical plans include instigating World War III so that his empire can obtain an exclusive.

Or you could just buy the James Bond: Ultimate Collectors: 42dvd: Box Set @ £64.99 if you wanted the complete set:


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