James Martin Grind and Chop, 200 W £15.48 Prime / £20.23 Non Prime @ Amazon

James Martin Grind and Chop, 200 W £15.48 Prime / £20.23 Non Prime @ Amazon

Found 10th Aug 2017Edited by:"rimz790"
Reviews are very good and is both a wet and dry grinder/chopper. Kept this in my wishlist and the Mrs wants one, so I'll be getting one today!

Wahl James Martin Grind and Chop
Stylish and practical the 200 W Grind and Chop with two removable stainless steel bowls with a 70 g capacity is easy to use and incredibly versatile. Use the chopping blade for garlic, ginger, chillies and vegetables or use the grinder for freshly ground coffee and spice by simply pushing down to start the grinding and chopping.

Wet and Dry
This powerful 200 W Grind and Chop has wet and dry capabilities so you can create herb oils and curry pastes in the chopper and freshly ground coffee and spices in the grinder.

Easy to clean
The two stainless steel bowls are removable for easy cleaning, and the unit will wipe clean.
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if you want a blender this is okay, but I have a very similar james martin coffee blender, and not only is it a bad way to grind coffee, but it also broke, the motor burnt out under normal usage within 4 months.

Blades will not give you a consistent grind, you will be making a shot of espresso using whole beans and coffee dust because some it missed, and dome it obliterated. A burr grinder is infinitely better, and the only way any coffee shop will do it because of this, google it if you don't believe me.

I found I prefered pre ground coffee to coffee beans ground by blade (comparing costa beans to costa pre ground).

I am a coffee snob, but to be fair, if you aren't a coffee snob, why bother buying beans and grinding them, when you could buy pre ground/ a nice instant like azera?

just my 2p
The Mrs will be using it mainly for cooking purposes, so I'm sure the blades will hold up better
Wouldn't mind a grid from his chopper either. My tip would be keep an eye on your wife ;-)
I said it once il say it again until he changes his ways;
James Martin is a leach who sells his name to any brand of anything. Brought a james Martin hand blender. Has it replaced 3 times and it broke again!

Don't give this goone a penny of your money.

Personally I thought he was a great humble Tv personality. But after using his products the guys a douche!(poo)
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