James May's Amazing Brain Trainer dvd £9.99 @ play.com

James May's Amazing Brain Trainer dvd £9.99 @ play.com

Found 22nd Nov 2009
This DVD has been designed for you and your family to enjoy. But not only to enjoy. The whole point of this programme - the real reason I'm here...is to make you cleverer. The theory is really very simple, the more you train your brain the fitter it will become. Think of me as a kind of training instructor, for your noggin.

The good news about this type of work out is that I don't have to don spandex shorts and a toweling head band.

Test your memory, numeracy and literacy skills, as well as logic, spatial awareness and other impressive brain type sounding things!

This DVD also includes a fully verified nationally calibrated IQ test.

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Expect this in poundland after xmas......................
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