James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Games Of Passion (DS/DSi) £4.99 @ Play.com

James Patterson's Women's Murder Club: Games Of Passion (DS/DSi) £4.99 @ Play.com

Found 29th Jun 2010
A string of murders, seemingly unrelated, unfold before Lindsay and the gang. Beautiful women go missing and turn up dead around every corner leading to an exciting climax involving the least likely of government officials. Play as Lindsay, Clair and Cindy in this thrilling hidden object adventure to solve the mystery and stop the killer!

Become a Part of the Women's Murder Club: Become Lindsay, Cindy or Claire utilising each of their respective skills throughout the gripping mystery.
Immersive Gameplay: Just like the wildly popular novel series, engross yourself in short bursts of immersive story driven action, utilising new locations and investigative skills.
Hidden Objects Everywhere: Solving this mystery can only be done by carefully examining each location and finding the hidden objects.
Interrogate Witnesses and Suspects: Uncover their secrets and find the killer. Get to the bottom of the story. Determine what your strategy is in order to obtain a confession.
Nail-Biting Minigames: Analyse evidence, interrogate suspects and use deductive reasoning skills to put the facts together and reveal the identity of the killer.
DSi Feature: Create your own Women's Murder Club mystery utilising the DSi camera feature. Determine suspects, evidence and ultimately solve this new case on your own

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Next price I can see is Amazon UK £9.99


really wouldnt waste your fiver. i just played this. its just a observation thing, and the answers it expects dont make sence. and even then it u get about 12hours game play. i pestered hubby for it and he kept saying it had bad reviews.

oh anyone looking at this assumingly likes the books, so i have a question well two.

one whats she talking about 'kokopelli' in the fourth book.

and also playing this game jacobi is coloured and normal build. am i the only one who invisaged him looking more like ray from ashes to ashes/life on mars???

Looks great. Hot price. Heat added.
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