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How to Be Confident: The No.1 Sunday Times Bestseller Hardcover £4.99 @ Amazon

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Hardback copy of James Smith's how to be confident book.

A worthwhile read!
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    JS popped on FB to say this is an error (should be lead in price for paperback) so get it while you can!
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    Not sure if I want to buy it
    Cant really go wrong for £4.99.

    Had it on audiobook but bought a physical copy to attack with my highlighter pen
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    I can't see this title and not think of:
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    I'm not sure.
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    What if someone sees this in my kindle, the shame!
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    WH Smith have the hardback signed copies for £10 Here
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    Wanted this just couldn't bring myself to buy it....
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    If it could give me back my confidence in the local Amazon delivery person, then it would be worth it
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    Thanks. Ordered
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    Nice one, bought
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    Heat, great for gift giving.
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    This price is due to increase from midnight tonight apparently
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    Save £4.99; Reviewed from Audible. What a disappointment in so many ways. This is not a book about how to be confident. It is a book about the author, more about the author and then even more about the author. For example it addresses personality types and then we are back to the author again and how good he is at podcasts, jujitsu, dead lifting, public speaking, TV appearances etc. I can only assume the publisher did a good job getting all the 5 star reviews. It started well and covered the power of expectation well and then deteriorated rapidly. I kept listening and thinking when are we actually going to cover the topic.The longer the book went on the more annoying it became. There is so much unecessary padding. The book does not flow well. It is poorly structured and badly edited and meanders all over the place. The author mentions heuristic but does not explain this until a few chapters later. The unecessary use of expletives further detracted from the book. The book came across as the publisher saying lets do another book what can you write about. James is clearly not an expert in this area. For example someone who does not have the confidence to travel, the advice is just do it. It's like telling someone who smokes to just give up. The research centres around common current popular books. In fairness the author does use his own examples. It almost comes across as the author not being confident in the area he is writing about! Many other examples used seem aimed at a very young audience, for example, getting someone's phone number over and over, having the confidence to do chin ups and getting your shirt off after a race. The writing lacks a level of maturity that should accompany the subject. If you like the author and want to learn more about him then you might enjoy it. However if you want to learn about how to be confident, you will be sorely disappointed.
    Congrats on copying and pasting one review whilst ignoring all the positive review.

    Personally i found it an interesting read hence why after listening to it for free i then bought a physical copy too.