James Wellbeloved Dry Dog Food  £39.99 @ GJW Titmuss 18kg for the price of 15kg

James Wellbeloved Dry Dog Food £39.99 @ GJW Titmuss 18kg for the price of 15kg

Found 13th Sep 2010
Dogs thrive on wholesome foods, which need to be easy to digest to make sure that the full nutritional benefit is gained. So we take totally natural, unrefined ingredients and cook them gently so as not to lose their goodness. Rice is the most easily digested cereal, so our recipe contains nourishing brown and pearl rice. For energy we add oats, using a special huskless variety which can be ground whole, to maintain the natural goodness. And we include pure linseed which, like oats, is rich in linolenic acid for a glossy, healthy coat. Seaweed and alfalfa provide essential nutrients and help ensure that Turkey & Rice Kibble contains all the vitamins and minerals a dog needs. And for ultimate dog appeal, we smother the food in our special recipe turkey gravy. Delicious! Vets know that white meat is ideal because it's very gentle on the digestive system. The nutrients are very easily absorbed, so your dog gets the most nourishment from them. Turkey is a better white meat choice than chicken because some dogs are known to have already developed a chicken hypersensitivity. A sensitivity to turkey is highly unlikely because our Turkey & Rice Kibble is Britain's first dog food to be made from pure turkey, so dogs will not have been over-exposed to it Turkey & Rice Kibble contains no unhealthy additives. We make our food with no added BHA, BHT or ethoxyquin artificial preservatives, but simply natural vitamin E and vitamin C. These are the special anti-oxidant vitamins now thought to be particularly important in maintaining long-term good health. We're proud of our ingredients and list them without hiding behind secretive categories like "meat and animal derivatives" or mysterious "E" numbers. Note that we avoid all ingredients known to cause most allergy problems in dogs: beef, wheat and dairy products.


James Wellbeloved is a British pet food company which was founded in 1992. The founders were aware that lots of dogs were suffering from food allergies and intolerances. They thought these were caused by ingredients in the food that they were being fed. They were determined to produce a natural, hypo-allergenic range of dog foods.
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Thank you, my pooch loves this. I may treat him.
I spent Three weeks chasing my delivery last time from pets supermarket, tried to cancel the order and got told i would have to wait and then send it back.
Haven't had any problems with petsupermaket. The 15kg sack is also £39.99 at my local very expensive garden centre.
2 bags of 18kg now £74 delivered at titmuss
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