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Jameson Irish Whiskey, 4.5L £112.50 at checkout @ Amazon

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    Other than for the novelty of the big bottle, is this a good deal?

    By my maths it's £25 per litre and you can get a 1ltr bottle for £24.99 at Morrisons.
    But you dont get the 4.5litre bottle
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    Would this bottle be too heavy to drink straight from?...................asking for a friend
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    It’s cheaper to buy it at £18/bottle. It’s often on offer at this price
    70 cal not 1 litre.
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    Been after a Jameson deal for an upcoming wedding but this is just too much
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    I'd prefer Bushmills Black Bush @ £23.99/Litre on Prime.
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    How do you get the extra £12.49 off? is there a code
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    offered me 22.50 a month for 5 months worth getting for the novelty
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    Anyone know if it still comes with the cradle in the box?
    I ordered this from Amazon last December and mine didn't come with a cradle.
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    1l cost now 25£
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    I've recently watched The Wire and am now watching True Detective......one thing i've noticed (it's hard NOT to in The Wire) is that this is THE go-to Whiskey in the US it seems....The Wire must have boosted their sales incredibly in the early 2000's....anyone know the reason other than the obvious Irish connections, or is it just that ?
    Same for the tv show Ray Donovan too. It’s just down to the Irish links
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    How do you pour a shot from a 5kg bottle? Might be easier just to put a straw in the bottle and drink it that way
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    You always overpay for these big bottles. It's worth it if you want the bottle!
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