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Jameson Irish Whiskey 70cl £12 @ Asda - Bargain
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Jameson Irish Whiskey 70cl £12 @ Asda - Bargain

Posted 5th Mar 2009

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Just been to Asda and was well chuffed when i saw this deal..My fav whiskey at a bargain price

£12 normally £17.14 cool deal uh.

Jamesons Irish whiskey 70CL

Further Description TRIPLE DISTILLED MATURED & BOTTLED IN IRELAND. John Jameson & Son Limited. John Jameson founded his wiskey distillery in Dublin in the year 1780. From the rich countryside of Ireland come nature's finest barley and crystal clear water. These natural ingredients are carefully distilled 3 times to create the natural smooth whiskey that is 'Jameson'. ENJOY JAMESON RESPONSIBLY. DRINKAWARE.CO.UK. 40% vol. 28 UK Units.
Country of Origin IRELAND
Packaging Bottle
Pack Size 700 ml

Alcohol By Volume percentage 40
Number of Standard Units 28
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Sorry link not working anybody help!!!
There is Irish whiskey - and Scottish whisky.

But as everyone knows - you are far better taking food and drink without Es.
Probably reduced running up to St Patrick's Day. Supermarkets tend to reduce it at about this time but I do remember for the last two years its mostly been £10. But I guess is a reduction so I'll stock up!
Rep added!
Nice, this and Paddys are probably my favourites:)
Limited edition covering too. :thumbsup:

There is Irish whiskey - and Scottish whisky.But as everyone knows - you … There is Irish whiskey - and Scottish whisky.But as everyone knows - you are far better taking food and drink without Es.

Being as the Irish invented Whiskey, and the Scots had to drop the 'e' when they started, I find that a bit rich! Och ay th noo!
whisky(scotch) has more of a smokey taste due peat/turf being used in the heating process.

Jameson is the best whiskey available deffo, was in the jameson distillery on tuesday there and enjoyed the tour, much better than the bushmills tour.
Thanks for the heads up. Great whiskey!

Jamesons it one of my favourite whiskeys.

Bushmills Malt is also on offer at tesco for 15.98.
yeh bought 2 bottles yday
"Being as the Irish invented Whiskey"

Maybe not quite true that the Irish invented whiskey.

GOD invented whisky to stop the Irish from ruling the world!

This will be another reason for hoards of Irish people to cross the border to Northern Irelands ASDA Stores. Currently a bottle of Jamesons is 23.95 euro in the south.
Thanks to OP for this hubby prefers the Irish stuff so bought him a bottle today - he's a happy chappie
Simply the best..you havnt lived till you have tasted jameson 12 year old special reserve..
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