Jamesons whiskey 70cl in Co-op £18 down from £26

Jamesons whiskey 70cl in Co-op £18 down from £26

Found 29th Mar 2014
Just popped into my local Co-op and saw that they had on sale the 70cl bottle for £18 rather than advertised shelf price of £26
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Is this any good? Never tried it. Usually stick to scotch single malts or teachers blended
or £17.99 at Morrisons.
Best whiskey you will ever drink but thats nothing to do with the fact Im Irish lol. Scotch is made over smoke peat and this affects the taste - rotten imo. I used to be JD drinker but won't touch anything now except Jamesons after doing the taster session at the museum distillery in Dublin. Will never ruin whiskey with coke again either
Thank you.
I'm not keen on peaty whisk(e)ys but this and Glen Morangie are to my taste. It's been £15 at Tesco lately but this is still a good price. Have some heat.
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