Jamie And The Magic Torch - Series One (DVD) for £0.99 @ Bee.com

Jamie And The Magic Torch - Series One (DVD) for £0.99 @ Bee.com

Found 28th Nov 2011
Jamie is the proud owner of a rather special torch, which has magical powers. Every night when his mum calls out 'Sleep well Jamie', Jamie gets out of bed, picks up his magic torch and with his dog, Wordsworth, travels down a helter-skelter into the magical world of Cuckoo Land
Here Jamie and Wordsworth meet some strange characters. Mr. Boo, an absent-minded old gentleman, Jo-Jo the 'odd job man' and many more. Together they have lots of adventures and Jamie's magical torch often helps to save the day. And all this before Jamie's mum discovers he is missing from his bed! With thirteen fantastic stories to watch, take a ride on the helter-skelter and join Jamie and Wordsworth on their exciting adventures in the magical world of Cuckoo Land. Includes the episodes Mr. Boo Loses a Mountain, Nutmegs House, Let There Be Music, Nutmegs Box, The Runaway Trombonium, The Hair Stack, Sym-phoney, The Flying Rabbit, The Magician's Hat, The Wicked Wand, The House of Wellibob, National Wellibob Day and Spade Work.
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