Jamie Oliver: Jamie At Home - The Complete Series (2 Discs)  £4.99 @ Play

Jamie Oliver: Jamie At Home - The Complete Series (2 Discs) £4.99 @ Play

Found 5th Oct 2009
Home is where the heart is...

Over the last few years Jamie has been spending most of his spare time at home, growing things in his garden and becoming totally inspired to cook with all his own produce. Good food starts with good ingredients and what could be more exciting than cooking something you've grown yourself?

This brand new DVD includes all 12 episodes from the series. From potatoes and tomatoes to pumpkin and game, in each episode Jamie make sone ingredient the hero of the show. And if you fancy getting your hands dirty in the garden, there's some basic planting information and tips that he learnt along the way too.

Full of sunshine, some (occasionally heavy!) showers, and lots of laughter, Jamie At Home sees Jamie where he loves to be, surrounded by good food and full of inspiration for cooking up a whole load of simple, delicious, seasonal and no-nonsense recipes.


I wish he'd stay at home.

It's easy to knock the lad but he has a genuine passion and talent for cooking. The mockney bit is irritating granted.

He does some really nice looking food...then goes and spoils it by putting a heap of 'leaves' on top...I ain't a bleedin' rabbit me ole pukka mate!!
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