jamies ministry of food
jamies ministry of food

jamies ministry of food

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The aim of this book is to inspire people who have no interest in food to have a go. If you're a complete beginner in the kitchen, Jamie's promise to you is that you'll be making some great dinners within hours of reading his book

The latest cookery book by Jamie Oliver, designed for people who are begginers or those who want to learn some tasty meals, that do not invove taking up the whole afternoon with ingredients you can only find in camden market. Good for busy people

ISBN 0718148622 - ISBN-13 9780718148621

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Original Poster

probably because I forgot the apostrophe in Jamies' and no capital on the J. I feel a fool!:-D

I don't see how this book was worth more than £10 in the first place, the rrp of £25 is ludicrous. And Jamie's huge tongue lisping and spraying everywhere makes me feel sick.

Voted cold because I don't think it's a bargain, not because of his tongue.


I like his books, he is a bit of a **** but he knows what he is talking about. Hot from me

Try WHSMITHS at £12.50 then ues voucher posted here


So WH Smiths £12.50 -£5.00 voucher =£7.50 a bargin i think.

£25? I'd rather get the Rhodes 365 book, but voted hot for those needing basic recipes.

you can download the 10 recipes for free...


don't know how many are in the book, but it's a start... pass it on...


Yeh but the advantage of the book is you can't hear him!:-D

Hah! true. but his Mockney will still be in there , ugh.

shame its not a web voucher for wh smith, havent got a printer at home.good price with voucher though sainsburys price is £9.93 i think.

its £10 at tesco
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