Jamiroquai "High Times" Singles 1992 - 2006: SPECIAL EDITION. £2.99 Delivered @ HMV.com

Jamiroquai "High Times" Singles 1992 - 2006: SPECIAL EDITION. £2.99 Delivered @ HMV.com

Found 5th Jun 2009Made hot 5th Jun 2009
What a steal.

Special Edition, Includes bonus disc of remixes.

Disc 1

1. When You Gonna Learn
2. Too Young To Die
3. Blow Your Mind
4. Emergency On Planet Earth
5. Space Cowboy
6. Virtual Insanity
7. Cosmic Girl
8. Alright
9. High Times
10. Deeper Underground
11. Canned Heat
12. Little L
13. Love Foolosophy
14. Corner Of The Earth
15. Feels Just Like It Should
16. Seven Days In Sunny June
17. Don't Give Hate A Chance
18. Runaway
19. Radio

Disc 2 : Remixes

1. Emergency On Planet Earth [Masters At Work remix]
2. Space Cowboy [David Morales remix]
3. Love Foolosophy [Knee Deep remix]
4. Little L [Bob Sinclar remix]
5. Cosmic Girl [Tom Belton remix]
6. Dynamite [Restless Souls remix]
7. Seven Days In Sunny June [Ashley Beedle heavy disco vocal remix]
8. Virtual Insanity [Salaam Remi remix]
9. You Give Me Something [Blacksmith R&B remix]
10. Supersonic [Restless Souls remix]


Heat Added

Good album and a nice find heat added:thumbsup:

Check that price for this masterpiece.

heat from me

Best hit was when that cameraman headbutted the pretentious little runt!

Great deal...

Original Poster

Seven Days In Sunny June


Great price

It's a deal, it's a steal, it's sale of the f**king century...

Great price on for a great album... Voted Hot..

Superb find, heat & rep added, ordered 2, one for me and one for my Cousin!

I really like this album but he's such a wanka.

LOVE HIM!!!! and the music is well cool, funky beats!!!

Really fab album, i love 7 days in sunny june too!

Where has he disappeared too?

Hopefully up his own ****.

only ever see him on top gear or getting twated off papps

Original Poster

If you're a dj.. the remix disc is worth it alone...


Hopefully up his own ****.

Seconded and with a bit of luck he'll stay there. Can't stand the little pr_ck!
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