Jamiroquai - High Times: Singles 1992 - 2006: Special Edition CD (Extra CD of remixes) £2.99 delivered @ HMV

Jamiroquai - High Times: Singles 1992 - 2006: Special Edition CD (Extra CD of remixes) £2.99 delivered @ HMV

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After six studio albums spanning fourteen years of acid jazz, funk and dance, Jamiroquai's greatest hits collection gives a superb overview of a band who have been at the forefront of British pop for their entire career. This anthology includes early gems such as 'When You Gonna Learn' and 'Emergency On Planet Earth' as well as the band's biggest singles, taken from the hugely successful 'Travelling Without Moving', and more recent tracks including 'Feels Just Like It Should'.

disc 1
o 1. When You Gonna Learn
o 2. Too Young To Die
o 3. Blow Your Mind
o 4. Emergency On Planet Earth
o 5. Space Cowboy
o 6. Virtual Insanity
o 7. Cosmic Girl
o 8. Alright
o 9. High Times
o 10. Deeper Underground
o 11. Canned Heat
o 12. Little L
o 13. Love Foolosophy
o 14. Corner Of The Earth
o 15. Feels Just Like It Should
o 16. Seven Days In Sunny June
o 17. Don't Give Hate A Chance
o 18. Runaway
o 19. Radio
disc 2
o 1. Emergency On Planet Earth [Masters At Work remix]
o 2. Space Cowboy [David Morales remix]
o 3. Love Foolosophy [Knee Deep remix]
o 4. Little L [Bob Sinclar remix]
o 5. Cosmic Girl [Tom Belton remix]
o 6. Dynamite [Restless Souls remix]
o 7. Seven Days In Sunny June [Ashley Beedle heavy disco vocal remix]
o 8. Virtual Insanity [Salaam Remi remix]
o 9. You Give Me Something [Blacksmith R&B remix]
o 10. Supersonic [Restless Souls remix]


I thank you ! :-)

very hot!

Been getting back into him a lot reecntly, superb voice, fave male artist - if only he wasnt such a self centered prat!

Canned Heat given.

Hot Hot

I was really dissapointed with this album, I felt 99% of the remixes were terrible. You are better off spending an extra pound or two & Gettin the album 'Travleing Without Moving' - My favourite album of his & completely unspoilt with no remixes included!

went to public school with jay kay. most of the pupils there were arrogant knobb heads so i wouldnt expect him to be an exception.

Great album!

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