Jane Matrix Cup Car Seats £79.97 + P&P @ Kiddicare (rrp £200)
Jane Matrix Cup Car Seats £79.97 + P&P @ Kiddicare (rrp £200)

Jane Matrix Cup Car Seats £79.97 + P&P @ Kiddicare (rrp £200)

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They have 2 styles:

Jane Matrix Cup - Stylon - 475 Description
Newborn babies should ideally lie flat. As recommended by health officials, this position facilitates newborn respiration, nurtures the abdomen and aids spinal development. The matrix recognizes this important requirement and gives your child the best start in life.
Simplicity and practicality are the best key factors in the matrix system. A concept that responds to the pace of daily life, where space and efficiency call for multi-functional products. The matrix will give the traditional advantages of a carrycot, yet converts effortlessly into a car seat.

Multi-functional car seat:
Matrix cup has been approved as an infant restraint system for vehicles in compliance with European safety regulations. Thanks to its patented system, the only one of its kind in the world, it allows the infant always to be in the most appropriate and comfortable position.

Lying flat - especially during the first four months of life when they need to sleep peacefully
Sitting up - ideally from the fourth month onwards, on short journeys or when your baby is awake and wanting to play. It has received more awards than any other infant car seat in the industry for being multi-functional, practical and safe


This latest version of the matrix cup incorporates spectacular improvements in safety, based on structural reinforcements and a new way of securing the infant, minimizing incorrect installation and incorporating a 5-point harness securing configuration. This new way of securing is valid for all positions and simplifies the process of positioning the infant, removing the risk of error.
Injected polypropylene body (recyclable) with high impact resistance and energy-absorbing polystyrene material in the side and head areas.
New clasps allows it to be secured perfectly safely in the vehicle when in the lying flat 180° position and its design also aids easy installation.
Passing the cars seat belt under the frame of the matrix allows for easy installation in vehicles with shorter seat belts. It also leaves the area for your baby's feet free, so they are more comfortable.
Four backrest positions to adapt to the infant's comfort.
The carrying handle can be adjusted with just one hand and also acts as an anti-rotation device that provides greater protection for your baby.
New for 2008:
A unique reversible design allows you to have a choice of plain or a contrasting colour apron.
The fabric that comes into contact with your baby is 100% cotton to respect their delicate skin as much as possible.
Built in insect net
SPA music effect - relaxing melodies with pleasant sounds.
Identification label for your baby.
Apron has a unique roll up fastening system.

Free delivery on orders over £80 so would be worth looking for a little filler


Be very careful with this one. I bought the travel system for my baby (who is 3 now) and the car seat was very insecure in my Nissan Almera so we couldn't use it as a car seat and were told there weren't many cars it would actually fit into in a lie flat mode and it was too large to go in as a traditional carseat rather than a lie-flat. The other thing I would point out is that the seat is very big and not very practical for using as a baby carrier.

That said we got lots and lots of use out of the carseat but mainly using it as a carrycot/pram but you need to take this into account when trying to load it all into the car (i.e. if you need a separate car seat as well as this lie-flat).

Just make sure it fits your car but things may have moved on in the past 3 years!
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