Jane Norman Sale - all lines now 65% off or more
Jane Norman Sale - all lines now 65% off or more

Jane Norman Sale - all lines now 65% off or more

Received an email from Jane Norman stating that all sale items are now 65% or more off.

£3.95 must be added for P&P


just got my partner 3 pairs of trousers for work.
£105 worth of trousers for £30 not bad.

Had a look this morning and some things were 70% off and some stuff that wasn't now is, they must have been changing prices as I was looking. Received the email and had a look, loads of things I looked at earlier are gone now, damn! Had another look was gonny get a coat, jeans, trousers and top for £67 including delivery. Only really need the coat, but noticed it was only 22% wool so have decided not to buy, I'll visit the store on Sunday. At last their real sale has started, always get loads of bargains from Jane Norman. My current coat cost £24.50 in the sale and is 70% wool, but I need a new one but thought the % of wool was crap.


Good stuff - Heat added!

I will never buy sale stuff from this shop ever again. I was told when I bought a top in the sale that they won't refund your money if you bring it back, I thought that was bad but then thought I can always get a credit note. Wrong! took it back & was told no refunds, I said I know that I'll have a credit note only to be told we don't do them you'll have to have a look round the shop for something to exchange it with, so I said I'll come back another day to which she said you only have a few days left to exchange because you get a month from when you bought it! So I had to find something there & then, so ended up with a top I don't want! not happy with their customer service at all!

Thanks from the GF!!

Went at the w/end got a nice decent coat for £31.50 reduced from £90 with 79% wool, yeah! Also got bargain of the century, Gorgeous bikini for.......50p! Couldn't believe it, I asked if there was anything wrong with it she just said it was old stock, they had about another 3 or 4, that was in Silverburn, Glasgow.

how do you get this email?
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