January sale *NOW ON* @ CD-WOW!!

January sale *NOW ON* @ CD-WOW!!

Found 23rd Dec 2006Made hot 23rd Dec 2006
Now don't blame the messenger if these savings aren't amazing, but I'll post here and have a hunt for bargains. The CDWow January sale has started - hopefully it will be better than some of the 24 hour sales that have been on.

Click the "Go to deal" button to see.

Always remember to go through quidco, and use voucher codes where appropriate for extra savings!!


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][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000099]The Hunt For Red October[/COLOR][/SIZE]
][SIZE=2][COLOR=#000000]DVD Region 2[/COLOR][/SIZE]

][COLOR=#000000]DVD Region 2[/COLOR]

][COLOR=#000099]Over The Hedge[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#000000]DVD Region 2[/COLOR]

][COLOR=#000099]Superman Returns (2 Disc Set)[/COLOR]
][COLOR=#000000]DVD Region 2[/COLOR]

][COLOR=#000099]LazyTown: Surprise Santa & Other Stories[/COLOR]
]DVD Region 2

[SIZE=4][COLOR=#cc0000]Remember the discount codes to make these £1 - £2 cheaper!![/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=#cc0000]



Huge Sale ???? can't see any bargains ??

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Looking for some now...

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The Da Vinci Project - DVD Region 2 & 4


Cdwow have really gone downhill this last year or so...if it wasn't for the vouchers and discount links I wouldn't touch them with a bargepole! I ordered a couple of things from them 2 weeks ago and they're still not here. By contrast I ordered some t-shirts from Play on Thursday and received them this morning!

All the same price as before. But to be fair they are cheaper than nearlly anywhere in the first place.

Thanks Emma

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As I said in the OP, don't shoot the messenger! The items I have psoted above are all the cheapest I can see online, especially more so with the vouchers combined

Picked Up The Aussie 6 Disc 'magnum Pi' Season 2 After Someone Posted Here Before The 'sale' Started....£6.99 Before Discounts While The Uk Region 2 From Them Is £32....that's The Thing To Watch For...more Than A Few 'bargains' Are Multi-region (cdwow Sell Reg 1 Us & Can, Region 2 Eur, Region 2&4 Usually Aussie Versions & Region 3 Asia). Most Dvd Players Seem To Be Multi-region These Days & Cdwow Do Make It Very Clear When Ordering But It Can Make It Harder To Sell On When You're Bored With A Film (or If Buying For Profit).

Guys dont forget the £1.00 discount codes available in voucher section plus the 5% off everthing is still live in the voucher section giving you even more savings :santa:

Its not on their main page when I go through quidco? How do I get to do that?

Another "24 Hour Sale". Absolutely no changes whatsoever.

hmmm, yeah those prices are the same...bought POTC and The Simpsons 2007 calendar at the same prices about 2 weeks ago!

I order a DVD off them a few months ago and never got it. Email them and after another 3 weeks they sent a email saying that they have sent a replacement. Never arrived. I just gave up in the end. I'll never use them again.

Just phone them there service is pretty good. I have ordered over 100 dvds from them and never had a problem bar once which i got replaced.

They have now added some more stuff to the sale listing. Just in case anyone cared. Still nothing special, but better than before.
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