January Sale on Mobile contracts @ MobilePhones Direct and smart phone company

January Sale on Mobile contracts @ MobilePhones Direct and smart phone company

Found 9th Jan
These two websites are an amazing site on mobile deals on all types of phone contracts and special offers on new phones which I find very affordable comparing to the deals are out there at the moment. The deals have been checked by speaking directly to the companys who are doing the contracts say like Vodafone, EE and ThreeG to make sure that it is legit and not a scam as I my self have taking out two contracts through the company and I am getting the cash back I was promised after 6 months of taking the contracts out so its a
2874138-GlA0G.jpgwin win situation but you have to keep in mind to set a reminder on your calendar for this offer to work and you will have to contact them your self to retrieve the cash back other wise your losing out in the first place hope this information helps you

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Hi moodybomer1
Thanks for posting. I've edited the title a bit to hopefully make it more clear what the Deal is.
When posting a Deal like this is always useful to put a few examples of what is included in the sale e.g Make of phone, what's included, cost, cashback etc.
A few years back, you could actually make a profit from sites like this.
Sadly, no more! Unless you have a few examples OP?
The cash back on the deal i saw was taken out of the monthly cost on o2 so you dont actually get cash back as such. Still hot though.
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Im looking at sim only deals and the ones on there site caught my eye on Saturday morning. Always a bit wary of things that sound to good to be true i googled them and ended on Scamadvisor.com website. " High trust rate this site looks safe to use ".There is a orange banner at the bottom which reads on it SHOW FULL REVIEW FOR MOBILEPHONESDIRECT.CO.UK.
PLEASE PLEASE click on this AND READ ...".Things you should know about this site". You MUST also read the Analysis Details which is in darker print,only 2 lines long AND DEFINITELY click onto where it says "CLICKING HERE"
It made my mind up and hopefully it will help others too before giving any personal / bank details over.
Used this site a few times for sim free phones, haven't had any problems at all. Always quick delivery and well packaged.
I used these on Black Friday and signed up to a Note 8 on Vodafone for £41pm. They messed up applying the discount though and my contract was setup as £48pm with Vodafone! It's been a nightmare trying to fix it with neither Vodafone or Mobile Phones Direct claiming responsibility. Apparently it impacted lots of customers on Black Friday too and they sent an email. Some people had the wrong monthly payment and some had the wrong data allowance. Such a shambles. I'll not use them again.
As I said before I have two contracts with them and I have just started getting my cash back from this company as I put it on my calendar when the contract started so am having a good experience with the website so am not entirely sire why others are having such problems and no there not scam in what so ever there giving good price for the deal and the 20g for your mobile is a deal in its self I got the S8 and I got my wife the iPhone 8 and it came in time for both and the network we r with is Vodafone yes your paying a higher price then it says and like I mansioned before you will get your cash back after 6 months you have been with them and then again on the 9th month and again on the 12th month and so on so if you keep on top of it then your not losing at all and I think this is worth it hope this helps change ppls mind about it
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