Japanese Acers £8.00 @ Morrisons ( Various Varieties)

Japanese Acers £8.00 @ Morrisons ( Various Varieties)

Found 25th May 2015
Morrisons have various varieties of large Japanese Acers on offer at £8.00. The variety I picked was called "Red Wine" and is approx. 75cm high, they had other varieties available, and also small Acer trees at just £3.00.
Great price when compared to the likes of B&Q who wanted £25 this morning for a tree not much bigger than the one I bought in Morrisons.
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Watch out for the "I wouldn't buy an Acer even if it came in a 24k gold box" brigade. lol. Voted hot, by the way.
Saw these yesterday, some were £10.

Good size for the price.

Saw these yesterday, some were £10.Good size for the price.

These are all showing as save £2.00 were £10 now £8.00 in my local store, shown on the front of the pot.
Bought one a couple of years back and it's come on a treat.
i will pop and get one - well brought on for the price
Can't beat Morrisons for plants etc, have bought their bedding plants for last 3 years and always had stunning displays. The are all on offer 2 trays for 3.00
Just keep them out of the easterly wind and they'll be fine.
thanks, bought two today. Any advice on how often they need watering ?
Quite a lot of water at first until established. After that - just leave it. Obvioisly they prefer more shady conditions. Dont plant in blazing sunshine.
Are these okay to stay in a container or do they need to be planted? Also, do they need sheltering from the wind?
Scrap that second q. Just read comment upthread, but just to further Q the point on the Easterly wind, how about winds from the South?
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