Jarhead (DVD) (2006) @ BlahDVD only £3.69 delivered

Jarhead (DVD) (2006) @ BlahDVD only £3.69 delivered

Found 16th Mar 2008
Don't forget Quidco!

Welcome to the suck. Jarhead is the darkly funny, action-packed screen adaptation of the best-selling autobiography by former US Marine Anthony Swofford. In 1991, nineteen year old Anthony Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a third generation marine enlistee. Conceived on a military base in Germany, he maintains the family mantle and enrols at a military training academy with the innate hunger and desire to kill on behalf of the US government. Having signed up, he is barracked and mocked by his peers and Staff Sergeant Sykes (Jamie Foxx), while undergoing a brutal training regime in preparation for the upcoming Gulf War. Swofford quickly excels as a marksman, and is selected to be part of an elite sniper unit where he is paired with redneck country boy Troy (Peter Sarsgaard), before being despatched to Saudi Arabia to adapt to the desert heat, ahead of the imminent conflict with Iraq...


Extras to be confirmed, Interactive menus, Subtitles (Arabic, English, Icelandic), Bonus footage, Deleted scenes, Commentary (Sam Mendes (director), William Broyles (screenwriter), Anthony Swofford (author)), Other documentaries ('Swoff's Fantasies', 'News Interviews')

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