Jasmine Thai Rice 10kg £7 @ Asda

Jasmine Thai Rice 10kg £7 @ Asda

Found 30th Jan
Cheaper than the 5kg for 4 pounds posted last week


Great find.

Be quick tho as there was over 100 bags in bedminster and they went in 2 days

Is it national?


Is it national?

Yes but they only have the 10kg bags in larger stores usualy

any in manchester?

Is this better than basmati meaning longer grain, easier to cook?

don't sell the 10kg bag in the huge blackpool store.

Any barcode

non in the even bigger store in Hyde.​

So I'm guessing this is a local deal?

Any in London?

Mai Thai Jasmine Rice is a very substandard rice.
I got some before and it's not good I'd spellings say it's some of a few years ago rice they had stored before the military junta took over and is now selling off. My partner who is Thai won't touch it.
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