Jawbone 2 44.99 @ PLAY RRP £79.99
Jawbone 2 44.99 @ PLAY RRP £79.99

Jawbone 2 44.99 @ PLAY RRP £79.99

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In the tradition of bringing together science and beauty, the Jawbone 2 is 50% smaller than the original, and includes "Noise Assassin" technology, a followup on the noise canceling technology of the original.

There's a faster processor on board to handle heavier signal processing duties for canceling out ambient noises better and faster, along with that Voice Activity Sensor which lets the Jawbone know when you're talking so the rest of the time can be noise free. A new fast charge battery can suck up 80% of its capacity in 30 minutes.

Noise Shield:
You can't always control your environment, but with Jawbone you can outsmart it. Each Jawbone headset incorporates their patented Noise Shield technology; two independent microphones and an additional voice activity sensor constantly analyse your audio environment. This information is relayed to the Jawbones processor, with its patented audio subtraction algorithm, monitors and adjusts all audio over 380 times a second. The result? Virtually no noise, where ever you are, no matter how noisy.

Jawbone achieves its high level of performance by continuously collecting large amounts of acoustic information to enhance your audio. Jawbone constantly adapts according to your surrounds, allowing you to hear your caller better by boosting the frequencies that increase voice intelligibility.

Volume Leveling:
Not only does Jawbone virtually eliminate all background noise, but as your surroundings change, it seamlessly adjusts your speaker volume so you can hear your callers voice. The result is a clear, uninterrupted conversation.

Designed to perform:
Designed by the renowned Yves Behar, Jawbone takes mobile style and technology to new heights. Jawbones perforated shield curves to match the outlines of your face while the inside surface is made from medial grade plastic to provide a soft and smooth feel on the skin. Adaptable to either ear and supplied with a personal fitting kit, comprising of multiple ear loops and buds to ensure a precise, comfortable tailored fit whenever you wear your Jawbone.

Small stature, big in performance:
Noise Shield, the technology behind Jawbone was originally developed for DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency) to optimise the clarity of communications, even in the most hostile and rugged environments. This same technology is now available in each Jawbone headset.
Jawbone 2 Bluetooth Headset Specification:

Talk time: 4 hours
Standyby: 8 days
Weight: 10 grams


Great Deal, don't need one myself but my brother has one of these, well worth the money

H & R added:thumbsup:

The Prime version has been out a while and there's also the new Icon version. I think Jawbone 2 has been this price for some time.

Couldn't get on with the Jawbone 2. It relies heavily on you getting the little white nipple against your cheek to use the noise assassin functionality. When I used mine it would lose contact with my cheek so would let lots of ambient noise in and then cut it out again, then back in again. Made conversations very difficult.

If you can get it to fit in your ear properly then its one of the best noise reduction headsets going.
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