Jawbone UP move £4.99 @ Ryman

Jawbone UP move £4.99 @ Ryman

LocalFound 16th May
Jawbone up move fitness tracker is £4.99 in Ryman's if you are buying anything else (this includes a single pencil). It also seemed to take the 10% student discount off too!

A very simple device which can display the time (press button twice), your progress towards your step count/sleep goal and track sleep. It is not waterproof and you can only have a garish shade of yellow (straps can be bought in other colours for £1.08 on ebay)
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The problem with this is it's a real pain to sync with your phone and it suddenly fails to sync requiring a fresh install of the app,the tracker (hard reset with battery out) and then crossing fingers, praying, waiting for a full moon til it resyncs.

Great 90% of the time and an absolute nightmare 10% of the time which is why it's dropped from 40 quid to 5 quid.
I can’t find this tracker
Don’t bother. Bought one ages ago from b&m. The app is trash and the strap broke after a few weeks of light use.
Jawbone as a company has gone bust and the app is no longer working.
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