Jawbone UP2 activity tracker turquoise and gun metal available for £23.99 free p&p at IWOOT

Jawbone UP2 activity tracker turquoise and gun metal available for £23.99 free p&p at IWOOT

Found 20th Apr 2017
Looks good, if I hadn't bought a fitness tracker already I would buy it! Haven't seen it this cheap before. Plus has sleep tracker. RRP £90. Gun metal is available on groupon for £39.98 (+£1.99 delivery) so £23.99 is even cheaper!

Credit to MBCH: also available at Zavvi which is part of the same Hut group of IWOOT which means you can add student discount Unidays of 10% off!

What is UP? What does it do?

UP is not just an activity tracker - it's a revolutionary, integrated system that incorporates advanced hardware, sophisticated algorithms and data science to better understand your behaviors and habits. Through an in-depth analysis of your eating, activity and sleep patterns, UP is able to intelligently help you make better choices and achieve your goals smarter and faster. You can try out the UP® App for free by downloading it in the App Store and Google Play. You can also add a tracker like an UP2™ to receive more detailed data and more personalized health insights.

If you ever thought fitness trackers were a little less than stylish - think again. From an outrageous selection of colors to a new lightweight strap design, UP2™ is turning heads everywhere. It's a style maker all by itself. You have your own personal style. Now you have your tracker.


A good night's sleep helps you wake up physically refreshed and mentally sharp. UP2™ tracks your sleep automatically, measuring Awake, Light and Sound sleep, and gives you tips to help you get a better night's rest, one night at a time.


It's where the magic happens. It's a personal trainer who knows you like a friend. Smart Coach encourages you to make informed healthy choices and helps you celebrate along the way. The best part? The more you wear your UP2™ band, the more personalized your advice will become.


Activity tracking with an UP2™ is the intelligent way to know how much you're walking and moving. It's the bedrock to understanding your desired calorie burn for maintaining or losing weight. And, by adding friends for a little friendly stepping competition, you don't have to go it alone.

UP2™ is miniature technological wonder with an accelerometer, proprietary algorithms, Bluetooth and power management. Pack all that into what is probably the most beautiful tracker out there, it's clear that UP2 is a feat of perfection.
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Good piece of kit, my wife had one, the app is good. However this model is a bit flimsy and customer service from jawbone isn't great. At under £25 it is probably worth the gamble.
Jawbone is on the verge of collapse and has abandoned the UP bands. If anything goes wrong, you are on your own and if they pull the plug, the app database is probably gone too. Probably just about worth it at this price for the smart alarm and step counter. Sad, as the UP2/3 are definitely the most stylish bands out there.
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I bought the jawbone up move in b and m at Christmas for 12.99 and still using it, for the money it's cracking. You don't need to charge it!!! i haven't ever charged it since December and it's still going. It Has sleep monitoring and step counter and calorie tracker. Considering buying this as it's better looking than the up move, thanks for posting.
Sadly the bands give way on these and there's no support for replacing them. Jawbone is transitioning to medical devices and it's consumer products are abandonware now.

Work great, software superb, but the rubber straps snap after a year and Jawbone are about to go into administration as the poster above says.

If you are happy with just having it a year then crack on, as they are accurate and the software is excellent and for £23 it's worth it for a year, but be aware.

Tech support has closed now.
I had one of these, purchased on their release in 2015 and the band did snap, I received a replacement from them but the same thing happened.

I would suggest looking at Fitbit where the straps can be replaced.
took a chance, my old one has been great, and colour is now wearing off so bought a new one, never had a problem with it and tracks sleep very well
Thanks OP! got one on ZAVVI (part of the same group?), an applied 10% UNiDAYS code so £21 delivered
I love my Jawbone UP!!! The app is miles better than the Fitbit one. And it looks cool on your arm.

Thanks OP! got one on ZAVVI (part of the same group?), an applied 10% … Thanks OP! got one on ZAVVI (part of the same group?), an applied 10% UNiDAYS code so £21 delivered

Great tip! I'll add onto the post

Strap on my Up3 has broken in two places after three months. It's the same place on either side proving that it's a design deficiency in my opinion. Jawbone not interested.

Buy a Mi Band 2 instead.
I have a jawbone move to replace the mi band i lost. App is nice but mi band much better imo
Mine had a delivery date of the 24/5/17.. Cancelled
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