Jaws 2 / Jaws 3 / Jaws 4 (3 Discs) DVD Boxset @ £7.99 + 9% Quidco - HMV
Jaws 2 / Jaws 3 / Jaws 4 (3 Discs) DVD Boxset @ £7.99 + 9% Quidco - HMV

Jaws 2 / Jaws 3 / Jaws 4 (3 Discs) DVD Boxset @ £7.99 + 9% Quidco - HMV

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Jaws 2 (Dir. Jeannot Szwarc, 1978): Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Police Chief Brody (Roy Scheider) is walking his beach beat a few years on from the horrible shark attacks on Amity Island. A missing diver's camera shows what looks like a shark fin but Amity´s cowardly Mayor (Murray Hamilton) plays down the incident. Brody raises a panicky false alarm from his observation tower and is fired for it. Suddenly, the new killer shark attacks a group of small boats manned by teenagers which include his own sons...

Jaws 3 (Dir. Joe Alves, 1982): A deadly new attraction.

The brand new ´Sea World´ complex in Florida offers visitors the chance to view the undersea kingdom from the safety of glass tunnels on the sea-bed. All seems well until a thirty-five foot Great White shark appears on the scene.....

Jaws 4 - The Revenge (Dir. Joseph Sargent, 1987): This time... It's personal.

Lorraine Gary repeats her role of Ellen Brody, widow of Chief Martin Brody, in this suspenseful sequel starring Oscar-winner Michael Caine.

After Deputy Sean Brody is killed by a shark off Amity Island, she joins her other son Michael, a marine biologist, his wife Carla and their daughter Thea in the Bahamas. There she falls for Hoagie, a carefree pilot, and starts putting her life back together - until a Great White threatens Thea, and Ellen knows she has no choice but to face her fear in a final, fatal showdown...

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Voted Hot great Deal, Parts 2 & 3 are Class

Roy Schnieder RIP
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