Jaws Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UV Copy) + free MP3 theme tune pre-order from Amazon for £17.99

Jaws Limited Edition Steelbook (Blu-ray + Digital Copy + UV Copy) + free MP3 theme tune pre-order from Amazon for £17.99

Found 8th Aug 2012
Jaws has been remastered both for picture and a new enhanced 7.1 DTS soundtrack due for release here in the UK on 3rd September [The US gets it a couple of weeks earlier]

The steelbook version is currently only £2 dearer and also available from Sainsburys at this price.

However, you also get a free MP3 download of the main theme tune "Main Title and First Victim [Jaws]" for free with pre-orders. Plus the usual price guarantee.

Under the Special Offers and Promotions heading click on the link 'add both to cart'


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They seem to have made a great job of it if you watch this interesting Youtube clip


More screenshot comparisons here:


Once you've clicked on the preview [or the fullscreen link] just mouseover to see the differences.

Impressive stuff! As Speilberg himself says, it's much better now than even the original master negative!

Can't wait for this one, I have to say!

It's widely thought that the Amazon UK colour is way off


and should be a proper blue colour as shown by all other retailers


The Sainsburys link again


Cheapest current pre-order price


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Not really any bargain to be had here is there? It's been £17.99 accross almost all the retailers for ages now so i don't get what your really trying to say this deal is good for tbh. I do think it'll drop further but this is the standard price accross almost all major retailers for at least a while and definitely from Play.com and Amazon for a good while now

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We're gonna need a bigger boat...!

We're going to need a standard way of making use of UV copies.

Not a bargain at this price.

This film has been done to death. I actually root for the shark now. Too much Mr Nice Guy I think.

Brilliant film. Way over priced for a bluray.

Jaws the shark


Jaws the shark

Actually, his name is Bruce

I'll wait for a better deal but this is a must own for me.

My steelbook arrived this week and it is the greeny colour picture. Amazing transfer though and just about the best blu ray i own, from the extras, the steelbook artwork, picture and sound quality and the great UV streaming copy code. If all blu rays were this good piracy would take a nose dive
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