JBL CHARGE 2+ Black Bluetooth Speaker £79.99 @ Richer sounds

JBL CHARGE 2+ Black Bluetooth Speaker £79.99 @ Richer sounds

Found 20th Nov 2017
When it comes to kicking up a din, the JBL’s 15W speaker system uses dual external passive bass radiators to – according to the blurb – help you ‘hear the bass, feel the bass, see the bass. Battery up to 12 hours. Charges your phone when your low.
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Great price, heat!
What's the difference between this and b the jbl flip 4
Same as above, flip 4 or this??
I went for the flip 4 after watching countless sound comparison videos, from what Ive gathered the charge is quite bass heavy, flip 4 more on the trebly side... Having the flip 4 over a week now, has the perfect amount of bass.. Perfect for rock music and electronic music, though if you listen to mainly bass heavy music, I would suggest the charge.
Flip is great for a bathroom or chucking in your case for holiday. Charge more for a medium room or subtle to fairly loud music outside. Extreme fills an indoor room easily and will annoy the hell out of any neighbor if you turn it up outside.
I’dchoose depending on where you want to use it.
I've got the JBL Extreme which is incredible for the size. If this offers the same size to performance ratio then this is a great price.
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