JBL On Beat Xtreme iPod dock £179.99 (refurbished) @ JBL Outlet

JBL On Beat Xtreme iPod dock £179.99 (refurbished) @ JBL Outlet

£179.99JBL Deals
Found 5th May 2013
I think this is a great price for this iPod/iPad dock. Its got great reviews and was What Hi-fi's dock of 2012. I've been watching the price drop over the last year from its original £449.99. The cheapest i've seen his new is still over £200 so i've taken a punt on the refurb at this price. There's no lightning connector but it does have bluetooth streaming.
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Please post a better deal if you're voting cold. I could still cancel my order if you've found a better price.
Although not voted as dont need one!!. Do get annoyed when people vote cold without giving reason. Posters comments valid. Should only vote cold if better deal or some other product better value and not solely on price. Will repeat my comments another post. If I want jag and someone posts giving me £1000 saving. Its hot. I'd don't want one or can't afford price I shouldn't be voting cold. Its all about price relative marketplace or if other products available do same thing but cheaper
In response to PNAYLOR39. Very well said some people are thick as two short planks and really get the way things work why don't they think before they act cause it could make a real difference to someone's options all for the sake of opting cold just cause they didn't need one. It's a true expression it takes all sorts to make the world go round,some times a good thing but sometimes it's bloody annoying.
Couldn't agree more with the above posts. If it's not a good deal then that's fine but this is by far the cheapest I've seen this dock. Makes me wonder if there's any point in sharing good deals if they're going to bomb anyway - i was just trying to let others know about, what i think is, a great price.
They probably think the £19.99 one they got from tesco is a better deal or the fact it's for an apple device makes people just vote cold. I could not agree more with the above statements check for a better deal on product comparison or price then vote. Don't vote without research, of course of like me you're on the lookout for one of these and feel its just a hot price when looking around. Do as I have just done and add some heat!
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I bought one of these last week and the sound/quality is fantastic for the money and a bargain at £180. Sounds better than the Bose equivalents.
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