JBL On Stage 3 / III iPod Speaker Dock - £49.99 @ Currys half price! In store only (JL pricematch!)

JBL On Stage 3 / III iPod Speaker Dock - £49.99 @ Currys half price! In store only (JL pricematch!)

Found 5th Jan 2009
A cheeky deal...spotted this on Curry's site...and reserved one at my local store for collection.

Initially missed the line saying "half-price when bought with any 4G nano", which whilst on the website, didn't appear on the reservation! (oops). So thought I'd test my test my negotiation skills in the store!

The important bit:
On spur of moment today, nipped into local John Lewis with the Curry's reservation printout - and they price matched!! Great result....but maybe a little cheeky....

Product info:

Fill your room with clear accurate sound with the compact yet powerful JBL Onstage 3 iPod speakers. Four integrated Odyssey loudspeakers provide 6 watts per channel for flawless sound and deep bass. And you can use the unit away from the mains, 6 AA batteries (not included) ensure you can enjoy your i-Pod almost anywhere. Use the remote to control your music from up to 50 feet in any direction, even through walls. A stereo mini jack connection also allows you to enjoy high-quality audio from a variety of other devices such as MP3 and CD players. Thanks to the supplied adaptors it's compatible with most iPod models (does not dock iPod Shuffle), including Classic, Touch, and Nano with video.


It's not available at my 9 closest stores

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It's not available at my 9 closest stores

Just in case you've not tried the white one too? (link below)


Still a good deal if you missed this just after xmas when you didn't need to buy anything else.

If your going to be cheeky try and get the JBL onstage IIIp (Currys sell both) that I got as that's the one designed to work with the iphone 3g and hence 2gen touch too. Bit more bass as rated down to 70hz rather than 100hz for the regular onstage III but forgoes the OnePoint iPod connector on the back (something to do with making it charge the iphone etc) It will be in a black and white box rather than the orange and white box that the onstage III comes in :thumbsup:

none near me either :-(

Just checked and some in stock at Reading East (where I bought my IIIp) and Slough.

I would enquire via phone call about item code 653582 (not available on the website for some reason so can anyone who works at currys explain why?) which is the Onstage IIIp that I got from Currys. They had none out in Reading East yet stock check by a very helpful assitant (I was returning the III once I realised it was the wrong one) when I bought mine showed they had 13 somewhere in the store. Yep all in the stock room as they assumed they were the same as the regular onstage III.

There are some in Richmond (surrey) managed to Reserve one thks. Does this have a remote?

Sorry should learn to read a bit better!

my local JL store doesn't have these...anyone know other stores that do price match?

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