JBL Wireless Control X Speaker Set £204.90 - ibood

JBL Wireless Control X Speaker Set £204.90 - ibood

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Found 15th Jun 2017
These seem to be a good deal as £500 elsewhere.

This is for Bluetooth with built in battery power up to 4 hours run time.

The JBL Control X is a wireless speaker with amazing sound, a built-in battery and made for both indoor and outdoor use. Whether you're throwing a party in the living room or garden, the JBL Control X wil take it to the next level.

What's better than a JBL Control X? Two of them, obviously, and today for a better price than ever.

1" CMMD Lite tweeter & 5.25" bass speaker

The JBL Control X hides some impressive speakers in its subtle and timeless shell. You'll encounter a High Definition Imaging horn with a 1" CMMD Lite tweeter for example. What this means? Patented technology that is also found in concert halls, clubs and theaters.

The bass speaker is 5.25" and filled with polypropylene graphite. This results in a powerful bass that perfectly adapts to every genre, whether you're listening to hip hop or classic music.

Bluetooth & battery

How to use this advanced speaker technology? Easy: simply connect to Bluetooth via your phone, tablet or computer. This way you'll always have a dependable and stable wireless connection. No Bluetooth connection on your device? There's also a 3,5 mm aux in.

Want to take your speaker further away from your home than the backyard? No problem, since the Control X has a built-in battery that'll last up to four hours. Perfect for a picnic in the park or a couple of drinks at the beach. And perfect for when the power goes out during a get-together: this way you can keep partying on!

Outdoor use & expanding

If you attach your JBL Control X speakers under a roof outside, they'll be able to weather the rain, wind and cold easily. So whether you want to party inside or outdoors, the JBL Control X lets you do both effortlessly.

Two speakers not enough for you? Well, then you can simply purchase a second set and connect it to the other one. This way you can hook up a maximum of four individual speakers, meaning every corner of your room or garden can produce the amazing sounds the JBL Control X has to offer.

Brand: JBL

Type: Control X Wireless (set) (EAN: 6925281903298)

Warranty: 2 years

Indoor and outdoor use

Bluetooth and 3,5 mm

Built-in battery

Output: 30 W per speaker

Signal-to-noise ratio: >75 dB

Power: AC 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz

Battery: Lithium-ion Polymere (7.4V, 2600mAh)

Battery life: Up to 4 hours (depending on volume)

Charging time: 2.4 hours

Bluetooth frequency range: 2.402 – 2.480 GHz

Bluetooth signal range: up to 10 m (from source)

Speaker range: up to 30 m (between primary and secondary speaker)

Dimensions: 235 x 165 x 159 mm

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Look good
Not sure where they are £500 - they are only £259.99 direct from JBL, and currently on offer at £241.99.

those are passive
these are active and wireless Bluetooth

Not sure where they are £500 - they are only £259.99 direct from JBL, and … Not sure where they are £500 - they are only £259.99 direct from JBL, and currently on offer at £241.99.

​those are passive, whereas these are active and wireless Bluetooth.

they are £499 on jbl website

these are control x WIRELESS


​the above are the simple passive ones.

whereas these are active and wireless Bluetooth

Yep these are the more expensive active version
Not sure why this is going cold, looks like a great deal. Tempted!
looks like people are confusing this wireless set for the standard control x.
Anyway, I ordered a pair of them for £399.95 as delivery charge remains fixed at £9.95 regardless of whether you order 1 or 4
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