JCB 60pc Screwdriver Set - £7.97
JCB 60pc Screwdriver Set  - £7.97

JCB 60pc Screwdriver Set - £7.97

60 pc screwdrive set from JCB - reduced from £20 to £8. Make your order up to £15 and get free delivery. Seems a good price for a decent set of tools.


Hi Dave, thanks for the post. Individual products should go in under the "product" button when you submit a deal, just so you know for the future. We usually include the delivery in the title price as well.


The price including delivery for this item is [FONT=Arial][COLOR=#990000]£13.86 !!!! [/COLOR][/FONT]

combine it with this little beauty and you got a good deal for less than £22.00 inc. delivery]http//ww…nce
118ish days to xmas, excellent stocking fillers

...or just buy two sets...must be good for a Christmas present for someone:lol:

I agree Twinkle http://www.hotukdeals.com/forums/images/smilies/icon_mrgreen.gif

[COLOR=black][SIZE=2]Makro have this same JCB set on offer at the moment in store for £5.87, they also have a pliers set for the same price.[/SIZE][/COLOR]

[COLOR=black][SIZE=2]It is surprisingly good for the cost, and durable. I have used my set at work virtually every day for a year and it is still in good working order. :-D [/SIZE][/COLOR]

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The makro one will be £6.90 including the vat then?



Cheers! Just ordered a set to combine with my wife's current processing order, so getting the free p+p.

If the 'starheads' are decent quality, it'll save me buying one or two individual drivers for the same price... :thumbsup:
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