JCB Ride-On Tractor £12.50 @ Tesco Direct

JCB Ride-On Tractor £12.50 @ Tesco Direct

Found 8th Oct 2014
JCB Ride-On Tractor £12.50 @ Tesco Direct

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Edit 13/10 07:14: Back in stock
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free click & collect or £3 delivered
Thanks just ordered so cheap!
Brilliant timing, cars just gone in for M.O.T
seems a lot for a push along.
ordered thanks
All the money Bamford makes, and the stingy **** only donated £100k to Wedgewood. I won't line his pockets so he can get tax breaks.

seems a lot for a push along.


seems a lot for a push along.

oO You clearly have not purchased a push-a-long in a long long time.

Great price, I paid £15 from Amazon last week and I thought that was a good deal (now out of stock and only 3rd parties are selling them at over £20).
brill price out of stock now
Not available.
out of stock now
Was looking at these in store yesterday, not much off really as they are only £15 usually in Tesco.
Thank u ordered one x
Not cheap ive got exactly same one from asda £5.00 in sale....
My son has had one of these for a few months & he loves it. Be aware that he is almost 3 and it is just about big enough for him to sit on
Bought this and my 2 yr old who normally loves everything with wheels really hated it! I think it just frustrated him that the wheel didn't steer it. It looks like it should steer but it doesn't bad design I took it back confused by all the positive reviews.
got one of these very tiny but my 2 year still loved it!
Cold. I purchased one of these and its woefully undersized and underpowered. It couldn't cope with even the lightest land/park maintenance jobs. How JCB can sell what looks like frankly a childs toy is beyond me. The farmers and groundsmen of England deserve more.
last xmas these went down to £7.50 at asda.
hot, wanted one of these the last time on here but they went out of stock. signed up for Tescos stock notification, needless to say I never got an email!!

last xmas these went down to £7.50 at asda.

I got one at that price and my son wizard round the house on it.

This must be one of the most posted items in HUKD history!
*whizzes, damn you predictive text
bought - not opened it yet - Tesco Direct experience woeful again - the desk is never manned and you have to wait 10 mins to be served while people are stocking up on fags - thanks again Tesco for a fantastic customer experience.
In stock now
Sold out, darn it to heck!
My son doesn't need one but at that price ordered one
Sold Out
just tried to buy out of stock again
i bought £5 from ASDA last year.
I live at the bottom of a hill and bought one to tow cars in the snow, useless waste of money, very underpowered
Bought one for our little boy but its rubbish. It doesnt turn ie has no steering and as the childs feet sit between the front and back wheels they tend to run over their own toes (painful!!). Very poor design
This item is not rubbish, my boy has it and is nearly 2 now. He takes it everywhere and has mastered the power slide turn. Definitely well worth 12 quid. It is small but wonderfully robust. His fave toy bar none.
Oh and how can a push along be under powered? Ridiculous.
This was a tenner a few months back. Picked one up.
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