JD Bug Pro Stunt Scooter MS108C - £40 Instore @ Toys R Us with voucher

JD Bug Pro Stunt Scooter MS108C - £40 Instore @ Toys R Us with voucher

Found 26th Aug 2012
I don't expect this deal is going to be everyone's cup of tea, but hopefully it will help save someone £25.

This deal is in store only and has been seen in Derby and Tamworth stores.

Went to buy my son a stunt scooter this weekend and went to Toys R Us as they are giving 20% discount with voucher this Bank Holiday:-


Whilst there I saw that they have reduced the JD Bug Pro Scooter(MS108C) from £100 to £50. Then with 20% off it works out at £40. Nearest that I could see online was £65.

There probably are better scooters out there but for £40 I personally thought it was as good as it gets.
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Good deal,I bought my son one last Christmas. It was around £80 but not got a clue what model it was but he lives it and still uses it constantly.
Good price. You need to spend more than £20 otherwise it will fall apart at the slightest wiff of a ramp, my kids have a Bug and a Razor, spend a bit more, it will pay you back in a very short time.
Good scooters, especially since this one doesn't have the folding mechanism which can cause head wobble. Think i recall paying around £55ish for the normal version

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£49.99 in Stockport too. Good find op - my son has been after a stunt scooter for ages and this fits the bill. He had saved up over £60 for one so this is a bargain for him.

Big thanks.
We bought one of these and a JD bug classixx a few months back for birthdays - ToysrUs often have 20% codes for scooters.

The pro stunt one is the best fixed head (non folding) scooter you will buy new under £50 and is an ideal 2nd scooter after your little ones have worn out the cheap folding one they had first. The £100 'normal' price is over inflated of course, even at the £65 price elsewhere you'd be better off getting a razor for the extra £5. Biggest downside of this jd pro stunt is the painted finish - it starts to look tatty very quickly.

If your after a good 1st scooter or cheaper replacement that will last look at this JD Classic 4 - same deck wheels and bearings as the pro but has a folding head - the fold mechanism is far superior to the usual budget folding scooters - plus being a one peice deck it will take a fair bit more hammer.
Voucher worked and scooter was bought for £39.99. This is a really solid scooter. In fact at Toys R Us they let him have a go an a few of them and this felt really robust. The sales guy admitted that the £100 was a bit ott but for £39.99 this was a steal.

Took it out for a spin this afternoon and it has done all manner of jumps and bumps - sorry don't know the technical terms and it has stood up really well. Just to note I did have to tighten the back wheel up a touch. Really easy to put together whereby you just need to screw the front tubing to the deck with the supplied allen key.

Once again thanks OP - you have made a 9 year old very happy.
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