JD Sports Summer Sale!
JD Sports Summer Sale!

JD Sports Summer Sale!

Online and instore now you will find hundreds of fantastic reductions on clothing and footwear from all of your favourite sports fashion brands including Nike, adidas, Lacoste, Mckenzie and many more... Shop by category below to grab yourself some proper bargains...


I'm not going to vote this cold, because that would be churlish. But so far as I can see, pretty much all the prices are the price you would expect to pay retail anyway. e.g. £30 for fairly plain Converse trainers. £35 for a Levis cotton long sleeve top?! Okay, it was "normally" £55, but I can't see them selling any at that price.

some nice quiksilver tees for 4.99 but all fitted type so no good unless you really buffed

hmmm,not that much of a sale really ,prices are steep still i yhink


Would you guys recommend this? Im an adidas … Would you guys recommend this? Im an adidas addict...http://www.jdsports.co.uk/product.aspx?id=2358

I don't like the colours sorry to say but that's just my opinion.

Well, i've seen this on Grattan before and its priced £75 there which is £10 higher than retail price. Its blue coloured but im more like into black and whites when it comes to shoes.


How about the look and the comfort? What u think? I'll buy one for me and one for bro maybe...

JD also have this one which looks nice except the toe as it doesnt suit the rest of the design i assume!


Any codes for free delivery etc ?

is this just online sale or is it in store aswell
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