JD Weatherspoon - Guiness World Record - free sample of wine
JD Weatherspoon - Guiness World Record - free sample of wine

JD Weatherspoon - Guiness World Record - free sample of wine

This is my first post and I hope all goes well :o)
I had an email today telling me about a guiness world record attempt at 6pm on the 21st May 2008. If you attend you receive a free sample of wine, which if you read the fine print at the bottom it is only 50mls. Although if you're heading there anyway or just fancy joining in with the world record it might not be a bad thing.
There's a form you have to fill in which you can download from the site.

To launch the J D Wetherspoon Spring Wine Festival, every Wetherspoon pub
and Lloyds No.1 bar across the UK is holding a free wine-tasting at 6pm,
on Wednesday 21 May, in an attempt to beat the Guinness World Record?for the largest-ever wine-tasting event.
..and YOU could be a part of this exciting event!
How? Simply come along to this pub at 6pm, on Wednesday 21 May, and you
will receive a complimentary sample of wine.
Our staff will be handing out 50ml servings of our Fetzer Coldwater Creek range,
for you to taste, along with a tasting sheet, on which you can write down your
comments about the wine.
The range includes:
?Pinot Grigio
?White Zinfandel Ros?Merlot
To take part, all you have to do is register for the event, by completing the details
overleaf and handing in this form at the bar on Wednesday 21 May, before 6pm.
If we are successful, you could be listed in our Web site?Guinness World
Record?hall of fame.
NB: It?important that you return the completed registration form, as it will be
used to measure the number of people attending at this pub.

Word of caution... read the fine print... please drink responsibly... On 50mls... Be careful!!!
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damn, i'll be in lanzarotte then....

Wonder if they have a branch there?

no way

Good excuse to go out and wet the tongue.

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