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Wetherspoons Monday club... Can of 13 guns ipa only 1.79
LocalLocalFound 14th MayFound 14th May
I'm in Leeds.. . Guessing it's every spoons though!!! Great price...
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Ha, thanks for the info.


Gods waiting room = lots of old people. Pretty sure that's what the dude was saying.


The spoons app is fatal...


I go there regularly when working away. Then to the farmers yard.


Sorry for being dense, but what are you trying to convey?

Monty Python’s Flying Circus Black Sheep beer Weatherspoons (Ashby De la Zouch) £2.19
LocalLocalFound 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Not yet available but will be shortly.
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I wasn't aware of the real ale festival (don't get out much!). As it is, the beer caught my eye due to the name, connections to one of the best comedies ever and that the price was really good. Sorry to offend. Perhaps though you should concentrate on posting deals rather than complaining about others ... not gotthe best track record have you?


Drink enough and you will join The Ministry of Silly Walks.


Probably the most random real ale "hot deal" ever posted on here. There's 30 guest ales across the Wetherspoons chain in the current beer festival, why just pick out this one as a deal? https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/real-ale-festival/tasting-notes


Part of their nationwide beer fest. Bit hit and miss what a locality has though.


So you're a Wetherspoons virgin 😊

2 mains, 2 desserts and 2 drinks for £20 @ Wetherspoons Feb 14'th
Found 4th FebFound 4th Feb
2 mains, 2 desserts and 2 drinks for £20. You can add a 750ml bottle of Prosecco for £5
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Oh wow you're so sophisticated. It's always the plebs that turn their nose up at places like Wetherspoons. In my experience, the wealthy have no reason to make themselves feel superior and are quite happy having a meal or drink out there (some decent and reliable food that is not going to be matched anywhere else at the price). It's always the "posh poor" - the poor people that want to feel posh - that have a problem with it. Probably the same people on benefits who vote for the Tories, thinking it makes them one of them.


Lots of windmilling on display here, straw man arguments a plenty. And let's not forget the snobbery, it's not even thinly veiled.


Happy days I like Wetherspoons food it's a lot better then a lot of the other chain pubs, as is there drink prices are as well.


You walked in one a month ago, thank you for your expertise on the matter. I simply cannot trust the opinion of someone who actually prefers music in pubs.


At least your reading speed is getting better from all this practice! Honestly mate you sound like you need to get laid... it’s much more fun than being obnoxious on an Internet forum

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Wetherspoons: Take away hot drinks (including Lavazza coffees, lattes etc.) 99p
LocalLocalFound 2nd FebFound 2nd Feb
Coming hot on the heels of the £1.20 bottomless have in hot drinks, is this new take away deal. It includes all machine dispensed hot drinks. I got the picture from the net, so it… Read more
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Voted hot, shame they open up at the same time as I need to be in work by so have to use McDonalds


go to Waitrose it's free :)


I'm confused, wetherspoons have been doing this for a while now? Why is this a "hot deal" today?


Was in a travelodge before Christmas and that had a Lavazza coffee machine in the breakfast bit, was ok, certainly wasn't brilliant. Could have just been that particular machine/settings on it but it was rather weak. Personally prefer Greggs for a coffee as it's closer than anywhere else :) So much animosity over a coffee, too early


I wouldn't have either of these monstrosities in my home they look like they were 2ND prize in an infant school science project. Shark and Ninja say no more. What shall we call them class? Shark and Ninja Warrior Miss! BTW it's a vacuum not a Hoover. Hoover is a brand name.

89p unlimited refill coffees at Wetherspoons !! 2nd Jan till 17th
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Already been posted about the wetherspoons sale but I have some prices, 89p Unlimited any coffee refills 89p San Pellegrino £1.89 Magners £1.99 Bud light £2.09 Strongbow dark frui… Read more
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Libtard? You do realise that's a derogatory term for someone with left wing views? What suggests I'm not open minded? Presenting you with statements about why the economic picture isn't one brexiters typically understand only to be met with something that's neither relevant to the current economic situation or substantiated outside of conspiracy sites...okay. Maybe I'm missing something, please explain how you've conflated closer political union, the nazis and Hitler with sabotaging our own economy and decades of regulatory frameworks that protect things like workers rights and the environment for Tory ideology? Your reaction is typical of conspiracy theorists which is why I called it cute and clichéd. I wasn't being complimentary, believe me. Nothing thus far has surprised me at all, except your claim about having a girlfriend. Relationships are for grown ups and you don't appear to be one. PS,,, Bravo for invoking 'Godwin's law' in your opening gambit.


Nope I'm just not a libtard and is entirely relevant and not cliche as you seem to think. Unlike you I am open to all suggestions - its called having an open mind until proven wrong or right! Nice to be wowed and glad you think i am cute but sorry my bum is only for thee toilet and at 6 foot 2 and 17 stone my girlfriend would probably disagree on the cute bit! Have a nice day - now move along like a good chap!


Is this post meant to be ironic?


Of course it is. ha ha ha Wow, just wow! Let me guess, you're a conspiracy theorist. How cute and not in anyway cliche.


Generally I’d agree but i won’t be aware of the political views of coffee shop owner Publican’s etc because they won’t put their political views in my face when I visit their establishments

Wetherspoon's sale starts on 2nd January (3rd in Scotland)
LocalLocalFound 27th Dec 2017Found 27th Dec 2017
Morning all Just come across this. Wetherspoon's are reducing the price of a small number of drinks after New Year until 17th January.

He says do I drink?


A race to the bottom then!


It's a pub chain - why would it support a campaign designed to make life difficult for pubs??


Good to see these big companies doing their part to support Dry January


But poundland do have a sale... (shock) (fierce)

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Wetherspoons: Free tea and coffee refills now valid ALL day (£1.20)
LocalLocalFound 9th Dec 2017Found 9th Dec 2017
Wetherspoons have now extended their tea and coffee refills so that it's valid all day long.
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Only £1.05 in Bilston (West Midlands) Wetherspoons Then again it is Bilston ;D


Couldn't agree more,they should eat at home too


Very nice too. I've spotted quite a few customers doubling up and choosing coffee X2 options. The result is that they leave the machine pouring out coffee once their mug is full. The option is for customers with two mugs. An extra shot of expresso fits in nicely with a latte though.!! It's £1.60 in the Spoons beneath Blackpool Tower.


And nice cars and homes


Tim Martin is no nutter. He was clever enough to set up the most popular pub chain in the country. He comes across as a really decent bloke when I have heard him being interviewed. Can't say that about all business owners.

Free refills on ANY tea or coffee at Wetherspoons!
LocalLocalFound 21st Oct 2017Found 21st Oct 2017
Used to be just filter coffee, but now includes: cappuccino, latte, flat white, Americano, espresso, filter coffee and tea. This is at the Half Moon JD Wetherspoon on Mile End R… Read more
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Brilliant. As i'm usually driving when I visit a Wetherspoon's this will definitely come in handy. Heat added.


I just order everything at the table via the phone app and have it all delivered while you're still waiting at the bar behind frappy wappy latte guy ;)


Yes. They have free Wi-Fi in all of their locations.


With that kind of arrogance I bet you are... Simple! XD


I think the price war on breakfast customers is waged against the coffee shops.

2 for £5 Desperados @Weatherspoons
LocalLocalFound 16th Sep 2017Found 16th Sep 2017
2 for £5 Desperado at Weatherspoons

no he was desperado for a hot deal


Were you a bit drunk when you posted this? ;)


Been this price for a couple of years at least


Get em down ya

JD Wetherspoon’s pubs in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will be cutting the price of all food and drink by 7.5 per cent on Wednesday 20 September.
Found 7th Sep 2017Found 7th Sep 2017
A heads-up that JDW will be knocking off 7.5% from all food and drink prices on Wednesday 20th September 2017 as part of their campaign on fairer VAT pricing.

Should join the new debate going on....


Jimbo, I'm getting worried about you. Are you okay? Are you so rich and drunk on power from "taking back control" than you've transcended us normal folk? We could really do with your help: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2018/jan/13/nhs-ambulance-staff-quit-brexit-eu27 You know the NHS which was already suffering as it was? Under the Tory government who's implementing Brexit for everyone? Well it's getting even worse see. People are actually dying as a result. Maybe you have a solution? Could you ask Farage? I'd really appreciate it mate. Cheers Jimbo, love to you and yours.


Here's more of that rough ride at the start. Looking forward to hearing where the good news will be coming from Jimbo. Show us that silver lining.


Hi Jimbo. Really hope you're well. I've just seen the following: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/20/london-loses-european-medicines-agency-amsterdam-brexit-relocation ..and just wanted to know if this is the new, majestic Britain you voted for that we all have to live with? Since you're so confident about how amazing everything is going to be, even though this is just the tip of the iceberg of sh*t we're going to hit in a few years, I'm really looking forward to all those signs everything is in fact going to be okay. I'm ready when you are Jimbo. Please don't go all quiet. You were so vocal before.


Things aren't looking great, unfortunately. It's almost like the UK was thinking it could severely punch above its weight in dealing with one of the biggest political unions on the planet: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2017/nov/16/leaked-eu-paper-dents-mays-hopes-for-bespoke-brexit-trade-deal Still looking forward to hearing your answers to all of the above Jim. You wanted this for all of us, after all. Genuinely, all the best to you and yours. Hope to hear from you soon.

Armed Forces - Serving or Retired Free Pint @ JD Wetherspoon
LocalLocalFound 22nd Jun 2017Found 22nd Jun 2017
Free pint for a soldier being offered in Wetherspoons! J.D Wetherspoons are offering all service personnel and veterans a free pint this Thursday evening across all of their pubs i… Read more

I'm really sorry to you all!!!! Didn't mean to scam anybody. It was shared on FB by somebody.


I work for the company it is a HOAX


Robert Pocock in Gravesend also deny this is a thing.


Gazak, is it a scam, or just a wind up? If it's a scam, how are the scammed going to gain?


The New Cross in Bromsgrove... 'No, it's not something we're doing.' Hmmm. Anyone else been disappointed? I probably should have taken it with a large pinch of salt.

8oz Aberdeen Angus steak (excellent quality) or 10+ other choices incl. veggie meal, desserts + alcoholic drinks from huge selection - £20 for 2 people at JD Wetherspoon on Valentine's Day
Found 3rd Feb 2017Found 3rd Feb 2017
In all Manchester city centre branches and most around the country it's this price, however I did spot it in Oldham's Up Steps Inn for £16! The steak is fresh, not frozen and is … Read more

Wetherspoons can be romantic. Romance isn't about posh. Romance is for everyone.


Very romantic, NOT!!!


Cute. It's a great offer but unless you have a partner who loves frugality, I think the phrase: "I've booked us a special meal at Wetherspoons" would hit the floor like their resident alcoholics on a Friday night, or indeed, like your relationship thereafter.

Valentines Day Restaurant Deals
Found 3rd Feb 2017Found 3rd Feb 2017
I couldn't include every restaurant on here, and it is likely you'll find independent restaurants with deals on as well. However, I thought this might be a helpful starting point. … Read more

It helps a lot.Thanks bro


Why would you want to make your wife weather the Spoons shed? What is a spoons shed? English is great!


Pass the remote, you've pulled


That's where I'm going for lunch


Anyone know what subway offers this valentine?

Large Latte and a piece of lemon drizzle cake for £1.59 @ Wetherspoons
Found 28th Jan 2017Found 28th Jan 2017
If you buy a Large Latte with a piece of Lemon drizzle cake together it's only £1.59

Not sure why people seem to be so antagonistic towards Wetherspoons - if there's a Wetherspoons in a (and I hate to say it) deprived area, do you really think a local spit and sawdust establishment would attract a smarter and more polite class of clientele? Wetherspoons are everywhere and as with any pub the location dictates the clientele. I have no problem with Wetherspoon and think their food is actually much nicer than the food served by more pretentious chain bars such as the Slug and Lettuce, aside from being much more reasonably priced.


By the way has anyone actually managed to find this deal available anywhere? It's getting plenty of heat but can anyone confirm that they've gotten it?


I tried getting this deal in a couple of places when I was in town today. The first one I asked for it in said that they didn't do this deal because they were actually a Lloyds (The Mile Castle in Newcastle), which I have to say in all the times that I've been in there I've never actually noticed that it wasn't a normal Wetherspoons. So fair enough, they advised me to try The Union Rooms which is a normal Wetherspoons just a minute away. In there I showed the staff this thread but they said that they'd never heard of this deal, had no way of ringing it through the till, and suggested that perhaps it was a deal for Airport branches only (which we know it isn't). So with that I decided that I'd just go to Starbucks for a coffee, I'm not really that much of a fan of Wetherspoons coffee anyway. The cake would have been nice but never mind.


I would. But it was taken over by the Witherspoons chain last year!!!!


It's a family pub that sells food, everyone knows this. If you want a simple pint, support your local drinks only pub!

Wetherspoon January sale 3-18 January many drinks reduced
Found 28th Dec 2016Found 28th Dec 2016
The annual sale. Used to be fantastic with meals for £1.99 and 99p pints. Never as good now but still some savings. Prices will vary by location so do post here if you've seen a po… Read more

All the more room for the rest of us. Where suits your needs pub chain wise? The Hilton?


I'll have yours then. :p Thank God for a proper sale and not sofas, holidays, clothes or reduced Xmas cr4p! I'll be there tomorrow. My local has been having a bit of a sale and I've been drinking Innis and Gunn bottles for only £1.49.


why bother to be on a bargain website????


Thankyou , from you that means everything <3


Decent quality food and drink at a low price point. Comparing spoons with pubs that charge twice the price is irrelevant, like comparing greggs and Gordon Ramsey. It has a purpose

Take-away coffee 99p @ Wetherspoon Pubs
Found 18th May 2016Found 18th May 2016
Wetherspoon launched its 99p take-away coffee this week.
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HOT for coffee drinkers but as stated earlier a pain for beer drinkers waiting for service. There should be a dedicated serving area for food and anything other than beer. See lots of drinkers walking out after 5 or 10min wait for service whilst the bar looks more like a café. Try nipping in for a pint in your lunch break. Our breaks 30 min long, not much point in trying to have a couple of beers.




Lavazza is fine but it's always horrible from Weatherspoons.


On other coffees its the same price, taste mostly same wish everyone would do this


lavazza is perfectly good italian coffee.

Freshly brewed Lavazza filter coffee - free refills until 2pm For Only 99p!!!! @ JD Wetherspoon
Found 11th Apr 2016Found 11th Apr 2016
If you buy a filter coffee at a J D Wetherspoon pub, you can now have as many free refills as you like until 2pm every day. The offer's valid in about 800 pubs nationwide (there ar… Read more

Filter coffee is the best type - just not Lavazza. Try finding a decent coffee shop that does single origin filter coffee. It's much better than drinking a tankard of coffee-flavoured milk with sparklers and mini-brownies on top.


If I ordered a coffee in a pub I would be ostracised by my friends. One bloke I know starts boozing at 0900 and finishes at 2200. His nicknames are avadrink alan and carry on drinking alan. Nutter.


filter coffee isnt a deal even if it was totally free


Great price and Lavazza is a decent coffee brand. Shame you have to drink it with a load of daytime alcoholics using the place to fill up on cheap booze


AFIK,still free from checkout :) ie.don't get it from the Waitrose cafe,as will require purchase.

2 steaks and a bottle of wine £20 Valentines day meal out @ Wetherspoons
Found 5th Feb 2016Found 5th Feb 2016
Seems like a nice cheap Valentines meal out, not as cheap as the eating in meal deal posted before but if you have to take someone out. I know not all Wetherspoons will suit some p… Read more

I am creasing up!!!!!! PAHAHAHAHA!


Would you say that's only on certain foods such at the steaks or other things etc? Are the chicken burgers and the likes ok? I do like the off beer and burger when cba cooking...


In our 7th year of marriage, the wife and I don't do Valentine's Day, we do genuinely special days such as anniversaries, however. Back when we were just dating, if I took her out for a meal at Wetherspoons, she wouldn't be too snobbish to wonder why I'd dare take her there for Valentine's Day, she'd appreciate the fact that I was taking her out. Then again, I think it's a sign of the times and there are lots of ungrateful people around now.


Is that relevant to the deal?


It certainly guarantees being single on the 15th of Feb!

Steak dinner only £3.99 at Weatherspoons Moreton
Found 22nd Jan 2016Found 22nd Jan 2016
Found this on the table in my local spoons...seems like a good deal to me...unsure if national??

Had this on Friday at Wetherspoons in Shotton. It was sirloin steak. Still 8oz Still with all the same sides. Still £3.99. It was really nice. The steak was superb. Perfectly cooked and juicy. And I am fussy! :)


That is because most people drive past rather than call into them.


Love Spoons Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas with a pint on a Friday.


my wife works in a kitchen at spoons, thus type of deal happens when too much stock has been defrosted or when lots of stock is due to pass it's use by date so this only happens for usually a couple of hours at most


wonder if West Kirby will be doing this, couldn't bring myself to go to moreton haha. Good steaks at spoons, the Angus rib eye is always spot on when we go on a Tuesday and the ribs are delicious. noticed they've been a bit stingy with the chips recently tho

Wetherspoons January sale - 4th January (5th Scotland)
Found 27th Dec 2015Found 27th Dec 2015
Wetherspoons January sale kicks off next week and usually some great food / cold drinks /hot drinks prices. Please post some of your local prices as they can and do differ, especia… Read more

Oh local one the velvet coaster is lovely :)


drinking at 9 am? after a 12 hour night shift in used to have one at 7 am. ...


Thats it, don't judge all Spoons as bad based on one location, last time I saw anything "wierd" in there was more than a decade ago, it involved an inebriated chap, ..but you get the same behaviour all over anywhere someone takes it to excess. Big spoons fan, & a word in the managements ear is always enough to sort out any behaviour brewing (child or adult-child). Always a good brew, & my 11 year old can tell off a disruptive adult as well as the next person, ..& will, so play nice :D


The wetherspoon in Harrogate is lovely, compared to my 2 local ones in wakefield and pontefract that are filled with people who live on alcohol. Still I enjoy Tuesday night steaks.


​You should tell your wife to take it easy next time ;)