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All beef burgers with reduced prices for lunch and evening at Wetherspoons The Ledger Building in Canary Wharf
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Posted 6th SepPosted 6th SepLocalLocal
All beef burguers with reduced prices for lunch and evening, great prices.
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Thanks for sharing your first deal with us @Victor_Lopes


As a shareholder i am very happy with JDW they have made me loads since I bought them during lockdown my boy works for them part time & they were great to him during lockdown with reg emails on what is going on ,its not a career but it gives him the freedom to do what he wants playing semi pro football. Any dispicable people who want 000's of people to lose their jobs it seems only fair with people like this to wish the same thing on them. Good to see they are carrying on the discount without the governments assistance.


Um, the quality of their food isn't really the point I was making. Have another read.


Would never go in this pub chain deal or no deal going on unless the mother in law is paying and well that’s never


In your opinion. In my opinion, I have always found the food to be excellent value for money.

Wetherspoons Stay Out To Help Out Scheme - Reduced Menu Cost Mon-Wed until Nov 11
11/11/2020Expires on 11/11/2020Posted 31st AugPosted 31st Aug
So it’s not quite the same as the EOTHO scheme however it is still only Mon-Wed The scheme will see prices on a range of meals and drinks reduced from Monday to Wednesday until … Read more
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Once again you can please all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time but you can’t please all of the people all of the time And to be honest who cares about the moaners they’ll never be happy 😃


Well said


Good deal price wise, but voted cold so as to limit the pocket lining of the ceo


CIrcular argument. Proof, if any were needed, that I most certainly have. Some things you just can't polish by trying to shroud them in mystique.


A lot of the places a they buy(some are lease) are building no one wants or can make any money from. Often start with a full refurb retaining as much character as is feasible. They make the spaces work and earn money rather than getting left to rot.

8oz steak with alcoholic drink from £4.37 (£3.92 Soft Drink) every Tuesday (Tuesday Club) in August at Wetherspoons
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Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
8oz steak with free drink, price will vary per pub by a few pence Price can vary a bit with what type of drink Doombar £4.37 Carling £4.75 Pepsi £3.92 As its the Tuesday club th… Read more

Forget the booze, look at that screen size...


That is the breakdown they only show a single discount that include any club and EO2HO discount ownload the app you can do it for any pub in the country including the on in the post


Can you break down this bill for me, what price is each item in the final analysis to make £6.37?


I went last night, had mixed grill and the other half had steak , all very nice :)


In the drinks menu near the bottom is the list of include a drink. The cyder is a good choice in yours the most expensive is grey goose £4.50 includes a mixer(bottle best value) Some options(Eg deli and burgers) it adds as £1.30 to the discounted meal for the greey goose+mix. For anyone checking you can do it for any pub from home, club deals, includes a drink and eat out are done in the basket, play with options at home so you know how to work the combinations.

Glitch on Wetherspoon app 50% off with no £10 cap (food and soft drinks)
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Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
With the help out to dine out now happening Monday to Wednesday in August the prices of breakfast have been reduced by 50% but should be up to £10 per order the app is not registe… Read more
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Why don't you just put this thread?


Actually there is a small glitch. It happened to me last night. PM and I will tell you how it works.


Seems to be the norm these days. If you're not somehow offended, you're not living (lol) It's fine, the rest of us can continue to enjoy spoons. Big Tim will keep the ale flowing - at non inflated prices <3


Not a glitch


if you play around with the drink included meals there are some silly prices. Found one where the price drops below the price of the drink on it's own. if you drink there anyway free food.

Spoons Eat Out To Help Out Price Cuts : Pint of Ruddles Bitter - 79p | Doom Bar 99p | Coffee + tea 65p | Breakfasts £2.24 ++ @ Wetherspoons
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Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Spoons Eat Out To Help Out Price Cuts : Pint of Ruddles Bitter - 79p | Doom Bar 99p | Coffee + tea 65p | Breakfasts £2.24 ++ @ Wetherspoons£1.29£1.7928%
Starting this Wednesday for a limited time, Wetherspoons are reducing the price of a number of their drinks, coffee, tea, breakfast at all their 764 pubs across the country. This m… Read more
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Booze IS NOT included in the Eat Out To Help Out scheme. Soft drinks are when ordered with food.


Thanks @OwlEye for the info - amended the title (highfive)


I think we are at cross purposes here the current promo beer prices are as per my photo . Don't know where you get the 99p Ruddles from and the 50 percent off is the Govt Eat Out to Help Out Scheme which is nothing to do with this thread


I currently mean, then new offer about ruddles been 99p isnt going to happen. As 50% is only on non-alcoholic drinks and food


Can you clarify please ? I had a £1.99 pint of Guardsman guest beer and took the photos yesterday 29th

️ Wetherspoons - Valentine's meal deal: 2 mains, Desserts & Drinks - £20 or £25 with bottle Prosecco/Wine
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Posted 31st JanPosted 31st Jan
️ Wetherspoons - Valentine's meal deal: 2 mains, Desserts & Drinks - £20 or £25 with bottle Prosecco/Wine£20£3847%
♥️Credit to the YEP post: Link ♥️ It's back, only for Valentine's Day Diners can also choose to pay an extra £5 to upgrade their meal to include a bottle of pr… Read more
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This is £18 in Wolverhampton


kudos for the use of retro slang


Agree with the comments about corporate takeover, the same is true of Christmas, Easter etc. If you love your partner, take the time and effort to cook them.a special meal, doesn't necessarily have to be on valentine's Day.


Quite easy to spot these tools a mile off - just look out for the iPhone or airpods, and any loud chatter regarding their "insta" feed, number of followers or being "influencers". It's become a bit like the modern equivalent of Del Boy's filofax ;)


Valentines at Thundercat's? No thanks.

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Wetherspoons 60p off European drinks including Beck's, Peroni and Grey Goose Vodka for a month
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Refreshed 31st JanRefreshed 31st Jan
Wetherspoons 60p off European drinks including Beck's, Peroni and Grey Goose Vodka for a month
Wetherspoon pubs will be slashing 60p off European drinks including Beck's, Peroni and Grey Goose Vodka for a month 'Let's stay friends' offer will run from January 31 to Februar… Read more
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Some cheap is too expensive


Regional office was in Luton which is printed on the back of the bottle, nothing to do with where it’s brewed


That's a no for me, my friends don't lie to me!



6oz Beef Burger and Chips for £2.49 at Wetherspoons, Berkeley, Bristol
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Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019LocalLocal
6oz Beef Burger and Chips for £2.49 at Wetherspoons, Berkeley, Bristol£2.49
Manager's special today. Normally £5.45. Also the Empire State Burger for £3.99. Normally £8.35. This place is actually one of the nicer Spoons as well 😁

Pretty standard deal when they're trying to get rid of food that's about to go off. One-day only deal, specific to one pub, doesn't include a drink. Why so hot?


Multimillionaire fool???


WETHERSPOONS? no thanks, owned by a complete fool who pays his staff abysmal wages.


You mean Russians?


Not a fan of food at Spoons, but have some heat for the price.

Wetherspoon January sale 2-16 Jan e.g £1.89 Magners pint, £2.65 glass of cold water creek wine
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Posted 27th Dec 2019Posted 27th Dec 2019LocalLocal
Various offers, prices may vary branch to branch Kopparberg strawberry and line cider £2.69 a pint. Various craft soft drink cans 95p. Gordon's gin+tonic £2.70

Prices vary , not all pubs are the same even in the same town or city .


Isn’t Coors usually £1.99 ?


Not much call for it in a pub.


Top Man


They are as non alcoholic drinks are included.

Decaf & Hot Chocolate now included in Wetherspoon Free Refills Offer
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Posted 27th Oct 2019Posted 27th Oct 2019
Decaf & Hot Chocolate now included in Wetherspoon Free Refills Offer£1.35
Just noticed an upgraded hot drinks machine in a nearby Wetherspoon offering a wider range of free refills including: Decaf Mocha Hot Chocolate Not sure if it's just a trial or… Read more
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They Don't sell beer anymore, only coffee ;) that's the only reason I'm allowed in there. It's OK to say I'm going for a coffee but mention beer and im done for. Don't blow my cover man (ninja)


Re: some of the other comments on the Hot Chocolate. The free refills are nothing like the 'block on a stick' chocolate drink. I purchased, the more expensive, block chocolate before realising there was unlimited at the machine. Had my drink then went and got a refill. The machine chocolate is thin and weak in comparison. Ok maybe if you have nothing to compare it to but really, it could be better. Though at that price, can one really complain!


Good beer too


Because it took too long to make and the bars are generally to busy to stop to make hot chocolates. Wish coffee had all been self serve when I worked there but then again its probably allowed them to reduce the number of staff a bit


Mocha for the missus

Wetherspoon pubs to slash 20p off a pint : Ruddles for £1.69 /  160 pubs offering a pint for £1.59 or less / 36 pubs a pint for £1.39
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Posted 6th Sep 2019Posted 6th Sep 2019
More than 600 Wetherspoon pubs will sell a pint of Ruddles for £1.69 from today, with a further 160 offering a pint for £1.59 or less. Around 36 pubs will sell a pint for £1.39.
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They don't allow you to sit outside with your dog I don't use wetherspoons


Haven't got the option on the app lol


Yeah... so many things wrong with this...


Buy another 9-10 pints then in theory get another pint 🍺


And obviously, for the non working man. That 20p will go a long way....

Lo Res  Craft Beer  99p a can @ wetherspoons
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Posted 31st Aug 2019Posted 31st Aug 2019LocalLocal
Lo Res Craft Beer 99p a can @ wetherspoons£0.99
Lo Res 99p a can @ wetherspoons
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Probably get more heat if it didn't say £99 :p


Is that Minecraft themed beer?!


Cheaper British beer? Just another Benefit of Brexit! ;)


You can’t whack a withers


Its kool too no nuffink, innit bruv?

Wetherspoons Voucher Book
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Posted 21st Aug 2019Posted 21st Aug 2019LocalLocal
Wetherspoons Voucher Book
That time of the year again where spoons give out their voucher book. Last year these where students only. This year they're available for everyone! Get one while you can. ANYONE… Read more
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They are on the counter at Wetherspoons Worcester.


Not sure where you heard this. I've gotten books now from Birmingham Town centre, Cheltenham, London and Bristol without any issues. Just asked.


Political! I used the past participle once and got deleted! (ninja)


10% off a string for your urine soaked trousers.


Quick mods! run in and delete this political comment before a riot breaks out!

Get a 7.5% reduction on all food and drink  @ Wetherspoons
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Posted 19th Aug 2019Posted 19th Aug 2019
Get a 7.5% reduction on all food and drink @ Wetherspoons
On Thursday 19th September Wetherspoons will be reducing the cost of all food and drink by 7.5% as part of tax equality day! It is very rare to get any sort of discount at Wethersp… Read more
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too everyone, i enjoyed my £3.50 pint good day to you all.


Well, just had a mixed grill on special @ £5.99. No drink included but guest ale at £1.49 (camra 50p voucher) Some error by kitchen meant meal took 5 min too long so got free drinks, a large merlot and pint of Hophouse 13. All less 7.5%. Bargain!


There's a big difference between pubs and supermarkets. Most people dont drink the beer etc in the supermarket. The police are more likely to get involved when a lot of people leave a pub after drinking. If people get hurt fighting or are attacked because they or someone else was drinking in a pub this may lead to a trip to the A + E in the back of an ambulance / police car. Or spend the night in a police cell. This is what the extra money goes towards.


BigDave_ Be bored then with what I typed (I can see what you put even though your comment has been removed). It means diddly squat to me, read it or not. I was putting together a compelling argument as to why Wetherspoons pubs aren't causing the closure of many other pubs as people always seem to say. I could have made my post much shorter but I knew someone would respond with something and I'd end up typing what I put in that big post in response. So why not just get it all out the way in 1 post? The point was no pubs in my area or the nearest few towns have closed in the last few years because of spoons. They have closed because they are s**tholes with vinegar on tap that nobody wants to visit, and rightfully so


According to you. I believe most reasonable people would think my suggestion was more appropriate.

Wetherspoons 2 pitcher's for £10 (With App)
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Posted 11th May 2019Posted 11th May 2019
Wetherspoons pitcher's ordered with the app are £10 instead of £12 for two reporting to you live from the beer garden.

2 for £10 in Plymouth - just checked the app


tell us your table no. and pub if you want a drink


Hi, does anyone know how long it's on for, please? 🍹


It’s a good offer <3 <3 <3


You could get it all in a half glass if you ask for no ice.

Wetherspoons VoucherCodes Thread
Posted 16th Apr 2019Posted 16th Apr 2019
Wetherspoons VoucherCodes Thread
Free £3 Amazon voucher when you spend £3 @ Wetherspoon Pubs (Students Only)
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Done. Nice one. (y)


@jobibear Same here. Just take a screenshot of your photo receipt & then upload & you'll have no issues. :D


Tried to upload the Subway receipt. Image "too big" no matter what size. Anybody else got an issue with voucher codes?


Mods removed it & I'm unable the amend the OP (annoyed) Here's the: Direct Link & Scroll down

Beans on toast + unlimited hot drinks (or 398ml juice) for £2.05 maybe less, Wetherspoon
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Posted 16th Mar 2019Posted 16th Mar 2019
Beans on toast + unlimited hot drinks (or 398ml juice) for £2.05 maybe less, Wetherspoon£2.05£2.102%
Spotted in Oxford , a new item, small beans on toast, excellent deal. You can have brown or White toast. The fruit juice on its own is £1.89 or the unlimited hot drink is £1.30, so… Read more


My local`s breakfast menu...Prices might vary. Went last weekend, wasn`t bad actually. You refill your teas/coffee yourself at the machine. Also had hot milk in the drink machine..


Good deal but for some reason beyond me, it's not for me


Mature (poo)


Unlimited Hot Chocolate Weatherspoon Hack
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Posted 15th Mar 2019Posted 15th Mar 2019
Unlimited Hot Chocolate Weatherspoon Hack£1.30£1.9935%
As the title says With more and more hacks being posted on here i thought i would share one with you. Weatherspoon do unlimited refills on Tea and Coffee for £1.30 however hot c… Read more



Imagine being that tight you'd actually do this, amazing so have some 🔥


of course not! there is an expectation that people will have sugar in their drinks - there is no expectation that people will make drinks from the sugar - so if he was to create a sugar syrup from the sugar and hotwater then yes this would be theft yes...stop trying to defend what is a scummy practice


Point is there is plenty of sugar in Spoons & it’s meant to be used freely, the powder isn’t and will just run out or be charged for eventually. Are you homeless or something, I don’t know why anyone would be so tight?


I've got a mate who likes 6 sugars in his coffee. Is this theft too? Lol The chocolate powder is free to use as you want when you purchase a drink.

Spring Gin Festival 14th Feb - 3rd March 28 British gins all under £5 with free mixer @ Wetherspoons
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Posted 17th Feb 2019Posted 17th Feb 2019
Spring Gin Festival 14th Feb - 3rd March 28 British gins all under £5 with free mixer @ Wetherspoons
Just stumbled upon this - not that I was looking or like gin or anything.... Wetherspoons Spring gin festival now live until Sunday 3rd March. Features 28 British gins and gin liqu… Read more

unicorn and pink gin with free mixer always bewteen 3 and 4 pounds



Gins priced in spoons from various prices look out for specials . My local had Williams elegant for £1.99 or £2.99 a double on Friday , with a bottle of Britvic tonic chucked in for free. A few for £2.99 double up for £1 and some of the expensive ones nearer £5. About 30 or so available .


You cared enough to respond!


Who cares ?

8 Item All day ‘Brunch’ £4.79 Wetherspoons  -  Available after 12
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Posted 3rd Feb 2019Posted 3rd Feb 2019LocalLocal
8 Item All day ‘Brunch’ £4.79 Wetherspoons - Available after 12£4.79
2x Pork Sausage - (Can be substituted for Veggie Sausage) 2x Rashers of Bacon - (Can be substituted for Veggie Sausage) 2x Fried Eggs Baked Beans Chips Available after 12.
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Oh, plums!!


Hot. Not Vegan.


Hasn't spoons now floated on a stock exchange, so Tim Martin is chairperson not the owner so to speak !


I don't like girl food, so any chance I'd be able to substitute all the non meat items for bacon and real sausages ?


<3 <3 extraordinary deal OP (y)