Jean Claude Van Damme Collection: 10dvd: Box Set £10.99 delivered @ HMV

Jean Claude Van Damme Collection: 10dvd: Box Set £10.99 delivered @ HMV

£10.99HMV Deals
Found 8th Jul 2011
A great deal for Van Damme fans. Just £1.10 per dvd. See list of all 10 films below.

No Retreat, No Surrender: Bruce Lee fan Jason Stillwell is not the best student in his martial arts class. Beaten numerous times, he is horrified when the local crime syndicate runs his teacher out of town. Training hard using pearls of wisdom from the ghost of Lee, Stillwell sets his newly acquired skills upon the syndicate and its' champion, the deadly Ivan (Van Damme)...

Street Fighter: Shadaloo, South-East Asia, 1995. As civil war enters its seventh month, warlord General M Bison virtually brings about global warfare when he takes 63 Allied Nations' relief workers hostage and threatens to execute them unless a ransom of $20 billion dollars is paid. It is the mission of Colonel William F. Guile to rescue the hostages, but he has to locate them first! As part of an audacious plan to track down the General and his futuristic fortress, Guile and British Intelligence Officer Cammy recruit to their forces two renegade heroes.

Nowhere To Run: An escaped prisoner hiding from the authorities, Sam Gillen (Van Damme) always manages to be in the wrong place at the right time. Risking his hard-fought freedom, he aids a beautiful young widow, Clydie (Rosanna Arquette) and her children, against a ruthless developer who's trying to drive them off their land.

Hard Target: Van Damme is the target of an evil mercenary (Lance Henriksen) who recruits homeless combat veterans for the 'amusement' of his clients - bored tycoons who will pay a half a million dollars to stalk and kill the most challenging prey of them all: Man.

Double Team: Though he's the nation's top counter-terrorist, Jack Quinn (Van Damme) wants to get out of the spy game. But on his final mission, he misses his target and wakes up in a place they call the Colony, a think tank for spies who are too dangerous to roam the world, but too valuable to be killed.

Desert Heat: Desperate to flee the inner demons raging inside him, mysterious loner Eddie Lomax (Van-Damme) rides to the last outpost of an abandoned desert highway, prepared to end it all. But when a savage gang steals his prized cycle and leaves him for dead, Eddie's life is saved by a soulmate from his past. Burning with a new reason to live, Eddie sets off on a one-man search-and-destroy mission against his attackers.

Universal Soldier - The Return: Continuing the story of Luc Deveraux (Van Damme) the unstoppable hero who was the last man standing at the end of the original film. Years later, Luc - now devoting his life to fatherhood - is serving as a technical expert on a special Government project to revive and improve the Universal Soldier Training Programme.

Knock Off: When a shipment of jeans to the US proves counterfeit, Marcus Ray, the "King of the Knock-Offs" (Van Damme), finds himself at the centre of a Russian Mafia plot to hold the United States' security for ransom. Thousands of tiny micro-bombs disguised within other manufactured goods are schedules for departure from Hong Kong to America.

Sudden Death: Van Damme portrays a father whose daughter is suddenly taken during a championship hockey game. With the captors demanding a billion dollars by game's end, Van Damme frantically sets a plan in motion to rescue his daughter and abort an impending explosion before the final buzzer...

The Quest: Jean-Claude Van Damme directs and stars in this exciting, action packed film, which centres around Chris Dubois (Van-Damme) and the Ghan-Gheng, a legendary, 'special invite only', tournament that brings together the greatest fighters of the world in a winner takes all test of skill and courage.
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this could do some van damage to my wallet
No Kickboxer or Bloodsport - his 2 best films!!!
No A.W.O.L (lionheart) too..not I am not getting
Surely even fans won't stand for kylie in the awful Street fighter film?
Id burn it, destory it by any means necessary

my eyes, my eyes!! . .

before you say anything, heat added cus its good deal
Edited by: "eltaf350z" 8th Jul 2011
universal soldier the return -

but not the first universal soldier?

how is that logical for a boxset?
Tempted, it has Sudden Death, by far his best film imo
No Time Cop? No Double Impact? Kickboxer, Blood Sport, JCVD?

Knock Off is probably his worst film. Universal Soldier: The Return is t*rd. As previously mentioned odd to not include the first one, or even the more recent Universal Soldier: Regeneration which is awesome... block tower scene rocked. Anyway back to the deal... lots of shiny discs for not much money. Heat!
Wouldn't have thought twice if it had Bloodsport & Kickboxer included. Shame. Still deserves some heat though.
Agreed for those who dont have bloodsport and kickboxer (his 2x best) this lacks as a collection.

Also misses Time Cop which is renowned for being the first time-travel based film for having no plot holes whatsoever..

WHATSOEVER.. i think because Van Damme is so badass - the laws of space & time dont apply
no AWOL either
Jees!!! Talk about a bunch of bad films.... No Bloodsport, Kickboxer, AWOL, Double Impact ........ BTW "The Quest" == One of the worst films I have ever seen.
Other than Hard Target it is a compilation of Van Dammes, argued, weaker films.

I say argued as Double Team, NRNS, Sudden Death are great in my opinion.

But whoever wrote that synopsis for NRNS has clearly never saw it. The reason why he trained was because his girlfriends former boyfriend is on the USA Olympic karate championship team with an immature streak of jealousy who likes to beat on him (sound familiar).

I say argued as Double Team, NRNS, Sudden Death are great in my opinion.

Are you mixing Double Impact with Double Team? Casting Dennis Rodman was a really bad idea and Mickey Rourke was in it for I don't know what, he might as well have stayed at home :-)
Forget his films, his new Coors Light advert is way better... and may I just add, it seems like his acting is getting better and better!
Van Damme is a Legend!

Forget his films, his new Coors Light advert is way better... and may I … Forget his films, his new Coors Light advert is way better... and may I just add, it seems like his acting is getting better and better!

Agreed, though there was much to improve on.
As said, his best films aren't even in this. He isn't in NRNS for most of the film! (although it is a classic).

Edited by: "n00b" 8th Jul 2011
No Bloodsport?
Sadly no of the best films in years, when he takes the cigarette out the guys mouth with the kick.

Cinematic legend.
You don't watch Van Damme expecting Oscar material. Hot from me and ordered!
Great price.

The Quest is an utterly diabolical film though. Truely cringeworthy. In fact, I can only recall one film worse than this and that is Steven Seagal's 'Attack Force'. A film so bad that they overdub English to English. Crazy!!!
Great price but have to agree with the BloodSport and KickBoxer comment. Voted hot. But with reservations.
Who can forget the classic scene with Van Damme making love to a bath in Double Team

Van Damme loves bathtime!
For some strange reason I fancy a bottle of Coors...

For some strange reason I fancy a bottle of Coors...

...or from a washboard stomach to...

[…DYI ]


He's looking so old now.

He's looking so old now.

Any fifty year old with a history of cocaine abuse & four mothers-in-law would look the same

He is still an inspiration & hero to many though.

Hopefully his movie career is back from the doldrums with "Assassination Games" later this year (starring alongside his son Kristopher, & daughter Bianca), & a further instalment of "Universal Solider" due next year. Two weeks ago he confirmed his appearance in "The Expendables 2" as well so that should put him back in front of a worldwide audience again. He also stars with his son, Kristopher, in "Dragon Eyes" (out this year) & "Six Bullets" (due for release next year) too.

I hope he doesn't spoil this by trying to prove a point in his comeback match against Somluck Kamsing in November this year (& wreck his health &/or his career completely). This match has been put back a few times since it was first announced so there is still time to call it off


"The Expendables 2 Official Trailer [HD]: Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger & Liam Hemsworth"

[…mA8 ]
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