Jean Patrique - GREAT OFFERS
Jean Patrique - GREAT OFFERS

Jean Patrique - GREAT OFFERS

Set of Knives for £1.99 plus many more offers! Great for those moving into a new home or looking to replace their old stuff.


£1.99 knives plus (+ 9.99 P&P & Insurance)

Plus £9.99 p&p for the knives

So. What's the catch?


So. What's the catch?

The catch is the quality is just about OK IMO and probably worth the £12 you pay and no more. The RRP on these is a complete joke as they're not even close to professional standard knives. As long as you're not expecting any more than a £12 set of knives then it's OK deal I guess, although you could probably find better in TK-MAX for around the same money...

Plus the amount of snailmail spam you get following up these low-quality knives is appalling and scandalous
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