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Professional 5-Piece Non-Stick Knife Set £6.99 + £9.99 delivery from Jean-Patrique
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Posted 18th Jun 2014Posted 18th Jun 2014
Professional 5-Piece Non-Stick Knife Set £6.99 + £9.99 delivery from Jean-Patrique
Had email from these guys and I think it's a good deal for non-stick knives. We've been using the stainless steel knives from Jean-Patrique for nearly last 5 years and they are sti… Read more
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Anyone stupid enough to pay £9.99 delivery for a product costing £6.99 deserves a poor quality product! Its a scam which this Company has practiced over many years. Poor quality products too.


Another reason not to bother with them.


these knifes are not suppose to go into a dishwasher, they blunt the blades also the heat can damage the quality


Haven't seen these for a while. At least they're in such cute colours now, to somewhat calm and brighten the mood of the gullible purchaser when they inevitably fall apart.


absolute rubbish there is a reason they send spam emails trying to sell them

Jean patrique knife set £13.98
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Posted 7th Apr 2014Posted 7th Apr 2014
Jean patrique knife set £13.98
£13.98 inc delivery, please note I have not ordered these so can't confirm its legit. So please don't hold me accountable. Seems a pretty good deal though. Too good to be true?

At least I know not to buy them, thanks for the feedback everyone.


I use mine for scrapping the dog food out the big tin.... about as useful as they get..... oh and the odd bit of weeding.


good lord this rip-off again! How many times!!


I bought these they are useless


If you want a really good quality knife I can recommend the Jamie Oliver funky knife set . It's around £14 on amazon. I was cutting strawberries and missed. The knife went through my hand like butter. Still have have the scar

Signature Series 5-Piece Santoku Knife Set £29.95+4.95 delivery @Jean-Patrique Normally 125.76
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Posted 8th Dec 2013Posted 8th Dec 2013
Signature Series 5-Piece Santoku Knife Set £29.95+4.95 delivery @Jean-Patrique Normally 125.76
The set includes a 10” carving knife, 9” bread knife, 8” chef’s knife, 5” utility knife and a 3.5” paring knife. This is an introductory Offer so grab it while u can!

Poster should know better!


Stay away from this company bought from them years ago I have been tortured with emails letters etc ever since


These are garbage. The box they come will be worth more. Buy sabatier or wusthof or any one of the other decent brands. They will last you a lifetime


Beware this company will Spam you with emails AND snailmail


Their RRP for any set is always massive, and always marked down, so not really a bargain

5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set @jean-patrique-cookware - £13.98 Delivered
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Posted 18th Jul 2013Posted 18th Jul 2013
5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set @jean-patrique-cookware - £13.98 Delivered
We are giving away one set priced at £3.99 +P&P to each reader on a first come basis. Normal retail price £125.95 All the professional features that chefs demand are incorpora… Read more
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Have got a set when they eventually came slippy handles no grip waste of money


And where might that be one wonders? :|


These knives are s.hit


Preying_Eyes has been a member on here for 14 months. Why does he not know these are a perennial freezer?


yay - posted again :)

Sign up for a "free" 5-Piece Chef's Knife Set worth £119.85- Jean-Patrique - £7.99 P&P
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Posted 6th Mar 2013Posted 6th Mar 2013
Sign up for a "free" 5-Piece Chef's Knife Set worth £119.85- Jean-Patrique - £7.99 P&P
Received via studentbeans - To introduce you to the amazing Jean-Patrique Cookware Catalogue, you can now get their 5-Piece Stainless Steel Professional Chef’s Knife Set absolutel… Read more

cant believe this gets a post - peray no one loses their cash like some ebay shops


even TopCashBack had a stab of promoting these knives in 2010 (there was a cashback deal as well), which was quite tempting but I managed to avoid as the offer was too good to be true. reviews aren't that great...


Oh no. Not again. This wonderful offer for rubbish knives. I got some years ago and they were thick and blunt. Dangerous and useless.


well if you want one you'd better hurry. chop chop!


Quality is rubbish and they rust don't waste your money.

£3.99 for Jean Patrique Knife Set worth £119.85 (delivery charge £9.99)
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Posted 23rd Jan 2013Posted 23rd Jan 2013
£3.99 for Jean Patrique Knife Set worth £119.85 (delivery charge £9.99)
Sign up for their January Catalogue and receive a £119.85 Gift - for £3.99 The gift is an amazing Jean-Patrique® 5-Piece Chef's Knife set worth £119.85 There is a £9.99 Postage… Read more

surprised by the neg comments on here, i got the 3 knife set that was on offer before via quidco i think? they are black and white and have been great. i do now get the occasional book through the post but no where near as bad as all of the spam from littlewoods. x




Better to put your money towards 1 good Victorinox knife that you can use every day and will last for years.


They are okay-ish back up knifes when you have a decent knifes. But as for dishwasher- it's a big NO NO for any knife you value. Use your hands! ;-)


I got these a year or so again, the RRP is a pile of crap but they are a decent set of knifes

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Free Christmas 5-Piece Knife Set Gift (£7.99 P&P which should be returned) @ Jean-Patrique
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Posted 18th Dec 2012Posted 18th Dec 2012
Free Christmas 5-Piece Knife Set Gift (£7.99 P&P which should be returned) @ Jean-Patrique
Sign up for the Holiday Catalogue before 22nd December 2012 and receive a £119.85 Gift - Absolutely Free! Request a copy of the Jean Patrique Christmas catalogue and they will sen… Read more

You will spend the rest of your life trying to stop the spam emails they send you.


Or a copy that's copying the genuine address?!


Mmmmmmm not sure about this one


I got these a few years ago. They are free, you just pay the postage. They are still nice and sharp and I use them all the time. I wouldn't have paid £120 for them but for what is in effect £8 they are excellent. @musicdoctor - This is the SAME company, same address, phone number etc, just a different web site.


Jean Patrique are always trying to sell knife sets for about this money, quoting ridiculous RRPs or "value". They aren't useless, but they way they are sold is a scam.

3-piece Non-Stick Knife Set from £4.99 + £7.99 [P&P] @ Jean-Patrique
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Posted 11th Sep 2012Posted 11th Sep 2012
3-piece Non-Stick Knife Set from £4.99 + £7.99 [P&P] @ Jean-Patrique
Also - £2.61 Quidco cashback. Description: Standing out from all the rest, these sleek, innovative non-stick knives are sure to become your favourite kitchen tools in no time! Th… Read more

these never do well..


They are a scam,


Rrp 10000000 who cares


They send so much SPAM :(


"Only £4.99 +pp, normally £159.99" Anyone who visit UKHD regularly believe in the RRP for a knife to be £159.99 ...

Professional Knife Set Only £3.99 @ Jean-Patrique
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Posted 25th Jun 2012Posted 25th Jun 2012
Professional Knife Set Only £3.99 @ Jean-Patrique
Can't believe this. JEAN PATRIQUE - csiman Please note delivery charge of £7.99: "We request a small charge of £7.99 to help cover administration, fulfillment, packing, handlin… Read more
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Can't believe some of the comments on here - I have a set of knives and pots - excellent quality, it's solid stainless steel - so no different to a 'professional' set apart fram the shape and balance. Do you think a pro set will magically sharpen itself or stay sharper longer???


^^^^^ Patrique employee alert! these knives are awful. I have some :(


Don't buy, poor quality knives + you'll get lots of spam email afterwards.


Absolute rubbish, don't waste your time and money.


Anyone have a code for NO SPAM

5 piece Non-Stick Vibrant Collection Knife Set @ Jean Parique for £16.98
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Posted 19th Apr 2012Posted 19th Apr 2012
5 piece Non-Stick Vibrant Collection Knife Set @ Jean Parique for £16.98
I've never ordered from this company but they look legitimate. If you're like me and are a little bit **** about separating your chopping boards by colour for different this is a… Read more
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Should be banned from here


I've purchased off them before & won't use them again - the quality is inferior certainly to my expectations but in truth, in this respect, you get what you are paying for. They try to sting you with options & P&P costs so the deal you think you are getting doesn't quite work out as you hoped.


Sorry guys Been reading up on them now and the negative stuff definitely seems to out weight the positives definitely dodgy


terrible quality steer clear of any jean patrique knives, you will never be able to resharpen them once the factory edge has gone....


If you click on the 'MORE Jean-Patrique Deals' link above, I think you'll get the idea pretty quickly...!

Professional 5-Piece Non-Stick Knife Set £16.98 @ Jean-Patrique
-71° Expired
Posted 6th Mar 2012Posted 6th Mar 2012
Professional 5-Piece Non-Stick Knife Set £16.98 @ Jean-Patrique
A first one for me.. not sure how happy you lot are signing up to receive emails in order to get a deal, but I got knives from this site before and they're brill. These ones seem… Read more

true about the catalogue and emails.. put straight into recycle bin. I got knives from them tho... love the knives and had no other negative experience. shame so many people got a bad turn with them.




note that they spam you forever and send you a catalogue every month regardless of how many times you tell them to stop AVOID!


Totally agree,bunch of con artists hiding the P&P until you fill in all your info,then they hit you with the final cost.


When posted before deals from this lot always ended up in the freezer. I suspect the same will apply to this one. Awful products and dreadful admin is the common them.

5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set 3.99+9.99 - RRP 125.99 @ Jean-Patrique
-361° Expired
Posted 1st Nov 2011Posted 1st Nov 2011
5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set 3.99+9.99 - RRP 125.99 @ Jean-Patrique
5 piece Professional Chef's Knife Set To introduce you to the exclusive Jean-Patrique® Kitchenware range, our 5-Piece Stainless Steel Professional Chef's Knife set is yours for … Read more

Steel is better for knives. Ceramic is better for cups and plates, etc.


i wanna buy ceramic knives, what is the better when it comes to quality? steel or ceramic?


Don't talk out of your backside - I have bought several times from them and everyone comments on how good quality they are - I use the cooks knife almost daily, the knives are solid and very good quality. I get one e-mail once in a blue moon from them. So you must have signed up to something that spams you with all sorts not just them.


After six years as a HUKD member I would have thought that you would have seen previous posts announcing this rubbish. It always freezes as these knives are junk., and it really should be obvious that they are just modern snake oil salesmen. Five professional knives for £13.98 - Doh!


Takes one to know one! :p

Professional 5-Piece Stainless Steel Chef's Knife Set RRP £111 now £14.99 ONLINE @ Jean-Patrique  + Quidco
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Posted 5th Sep 2011Posted 5th Sep 2011
Professional 5-Piece Stainless Steel Chef's Knife Set RRP £111 now £14.99 ONLINE @ Jean-Patrique + Quidco
Great professional knives plus quidco of £2.30. Professional features that chefs demand in the kitchen Entirely crafted by hand, these superior quality knives can be used with mea… Read more

These are awful - ours are going rusty!


i fear these false rrp prices will harm our members


-308° when it was posted for £11.98, these knife deals always do so well.... Search Results for "Patrique"


got some of these a year ago for round about £9 - plus Quidco, if I remember. I use them daily, haven't resharpened them yet, but I don't know why there are such negative comments on these knives, for the price. The company may be poor from customer service point of view etc, but taken in isolation, these knives (which look attractive) do their job just fine. Of course the RRP is ridiculous, but these are decent enough knives for the price. Hot from me ah, what the hell - just ordered the oriental set - avoiding the blatant attempts to sell other products on me. Ticked that I don't want advertising/emails etc. Paid by visa. Any problems I can cancel, but if they're like my others, I'll be happy enough for £9.


Amusing every time I see this deal. Perhaps HUKD should put a filter on submissions looking for keywords like "Patrique" with a popup showing previous deals or warnings :) Might same some embarrassment.

5 Piece Knife set Only £1.99+7.99 postage @ jean-patrique-cookware
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Posted 16th Aug 2011Posted 16th Aug 2011
5 Piece Knife set Only £1.99+7.99 postage @ jean-patrique-cookware
5 Piece knife set only £1.99
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MODS: I have to ask why arent "jean patrique" one of the banned retailers?


You can use these cold knifes to butcher to death halal meat. Equally as cold.


The link takes me to the 3 Knife set, but setting that aside, I will agree that they do like to send spam mail, snail and email but I do have a delete button on my browser (if I can't be bothered to ask them to delete my details from their system) and a shredder. On the positive side, I have over time ordered two sets of each (that's the 3 and 5 knife sets) which I've given away as presents. None of these have been blunt (there's always a good knife sharpener to sort that problem out anyway) and the feedback I've had from the recipients were that they thought them good for the domestic situation that they use them in. If that helps probably the few that have not ordered these before !!!


Actual price paid is £9.98. Am going to put on a winter coat as it is going to get very cold in here!!


looks like it.

5-Pce Classic Chef’s Essential Knife Set £14.99 @ Jean-Patrique
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Posted 10th Mar 2011Posted 10th Mar 2011
5-Pce Classic Chef’s Essential Knife Set £14.99 @ Jean-Patrique
Designed in collaboration with a professional chef, this exquisite 5-piece essential set of superior quality knives has been carefully configured with all of the features that chef… Read more

The black wooden handle ones seem to be better that the "Oriental" ones. have both sets, but must point out that after a wash you need to dry straight away and avoid putting them in the dish washer.


I have a set (£9.99 incl P&P) and they are fine for general use. Then again, I have been spammed to death via snail mail / email ever since and they wont stop despite me sending their junk mail back to them at their cost! Really isnt worth the hassle!


If you are a professional chef then these knives, clearly, aren't for you. As a knife for everyday use in a normal kitchen, they are fine. They do what they set out to do but are not the best. The price must dictate that they are not the best. I purchased a set and they are still going a year later...... I did get them cheaper than this though ( I think they were £1.99 with a tenner p+p )


If they are self promoting, why haven't they been banned? I don't understand how these keep being posted. Everyone apparently knows it's a rubbish deal but I see it at least once a fortnight.


Mr T brought these last month for £6 pretty good for the money!

Jean-Patrique Professional 3 piece Knife Set 99p - £7.98 with postage
-431° Expired
Posted 22nd Jan 2011Posted 22nd Jan 2011
Jean-Patrique Professional 3 piece Knife Set 99p - £7.98 with postage
Just received an email with this offer. Maybe of use to someone and not sure if it is a good buy or not. We'll soon find out! Their web image is in 3 parts and I can only upload o… Read more
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now tell everyone how much a set will cost - and they still lose there edge if you dont sharpen every use


so does every knife


Oh no, not this dross again. No professional cook would touch these. They are thick with a a poor cutting edge & hollow handles. Avoid like the plague.


One has to live and learn. Monsieur Patrique has been banned from contacting Mac again!


why do people keep posting these?

Jean Patriquel Knife set For 99p including postage of £5.27
-321° Expired
Posted 10th Dec 2010Posted 10th Dec 2010
Jean Patriquel Knife set For 99p including postage of £5.27
The stainless steel knife set is 99p, apparently it was £119.85 before :S It includes a 8 inch chefs knife, a 6 inch knife and a 4 inch knife. Once you go to checkout they show del… Read more
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Account created 6 hours ago. Hmmm.


It disturbs me that the people who think this is a good deal, are also allowed to vote.


wonder if it will be colder than the - 308 achieved only a few weeks ago X)


TOTAL GARBAGE..............Pay peanuts,Get monkeys.


A comment from a new poster with no history on HUKD........... 'Dont believe the hype' springs to mind. AVOID THESE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set ONLY £1.99  @Jean-Patrique (RRP £125.75)
-14° Expired
Posted 7th Dec 2010Posted 7th Dec 2010
5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set ONLY £1.99 @Jean-Patrique (RRP £125.75)
5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set ONLY £1.99 (RRP £125.75)
Get deal*Get deal*

I have THIS 5 piece set . Rubbish knives. What a waste of money I also have the knives posted in the OP link. much better knives. £10 for 3 knifes thats a good price.


I bought some of these 'last time' they were on offer. I'd say the knives are worth quite a bit more than £10 but not worth £100+. When I got to the ordering stage and the postage came up I went to cancel as it seemed a bit steep and they offered me 1/2 price postage so that's worth a try. The down side is I get a postal flyer every 2-3 months now but that's all.


5-Piece, looks like 3 to me.


good price


No good.

EXPIRED-3 piece knife set only 99p plus about £6 delivery @ Jean-Patrique RRP£99 SO THEY SAY LOL.
-143° Expired
Posted 27th Nov 2010Posted 27th Nov 2010
EXPIRED-3 piece knife set only 99p plus about £6 delivery @ Jean-Patrique RRP£99 SO THEY SAY LOL.
great gift for any one who enjoyes a bit of cooking. Plus they have a 25 year guarantee.

I bought a set about 3 years ago from here and in all honesty, they have been fantastic. They need sharpening now like, but fortunately ive been bought one for Xmas.


waste of money DO NOT BUY!


I wasnt planning on buying as ive just spent a fortune on a set not so long ago.


surely as night follows day, these appear every few weeks ;-)


If I didn't believe a deal was good, then I wouldn't post it on here. Surely posting is recommending it to others?

5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set for ONLY £1.99 + £9.99  P&P @ Jean-Patrique
-308° Expired
Posted 17th Oct 2010Posted 17th Oct 2010
5-Piece Stainless Steel Knife Set for ONLY £1.99 + £9.99 P&P @ Jean-Patrique
This truly is a SENSATIONAL OFFER! Yes! To introduce you to the exclusive Jean-Patrique Kitchenware range our 5-Piece Stainless Steel Professional Chef’s Knife Set worth £125.75 is… Read more

I do do a lot of cooking, and I have money to burn!X) My Wife bought me a set of Kasumi Damascus Japanese Chef's Knives a few months ago. They are really something. The Globals are now my everyday Knives and I keep the Kasumi's for the Weekends when I'm being creative in the Kitchen. If you like the Damascus look of the Kasumi's then you'll love the look of these; There is a Japanese brand that dips the Blade in Acid to further bring out the effect but they are about £300 each, I think I will have to wait for my 20 year anniversary before I buy them.


Unless you are a chef or have money to burn on globals, then these do a fine job for most household kitchens. I have globals and find myself using thse more! Of course you get what you pay for. Would you vote a mini at £5000 cold cos you can buy a ferrari for £100,000 lol /end


I bought some Richardson Sheffield knives just over three years ago, which had the Grippi handles. They have started to perish so wrote to their customer service who said that because they're guaranteed they'll send me new ones. They have and they are better than the first lot I had :) I wouldn't buy these knives in this offer though, seems like there's a catch, cant believe they'd be fantastic quality either. Surely they can't be making any money from this?!!


Yip, and they are 20 times better quality, will stay 20 times shaper for longer, are 20 better designed. I could go on.......... When will the 8p baked bean brigade on here learn that you get what you pay for?


so many fools like me buy this c..... professional disgrace

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