Jeff Buckley - Grace / Mystery White Boy (2 CD Slide Pack) - £5.00

Jeff Buckley - Grace / Mystery White Boy (2 CD Slide Pack) - £5.00

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Contains 2 cds by Jeff Buckley : Grace and Mysery White Boy

This two-fer from Sony features the late Jeff Buckley's 1994 debut, Grace, and the 2000 live collection Mystery White Boy. The former is a classic, while the latter is testament to the artist's considerable live prowess, but one would have liked to have seen the posthumously released 1998 Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk included here instead, if only to have the complete "studio" collection. James Christopher Monger.

Disc 1:

1. Mojo Pin
2. Grace
3. Last Goodbye
4. Lilac Wine
5. So Real
6. Hallelujah
7. Lover You Should've Come Over
8. Corpus Christi Carol
9. Eternal Life
10. Dream Brother

Disc 2:

1. Dream Brother
2. I Woke Up in a Strange Place
3. Mojo Pin
4. Lilac Wine
5. What Will You Say
6. Last Goodbye
7. Eternal Life
8. Grace
9. Moodswing Whiskey
10. Man That Got Away
11. Kanga Roo
12. Hallelujah/I Know It's Over


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Disc 3:

[*] Mojo Pin
[*] Grace
[*] Last Goodbye
[*] Lilac Wine
[*] So Real
[*] Hallelujah
[*] Lover You Should've Come Over
[*] Corpus Christi Carol
[*] Eternal Life
[*] Dream Brother
[*] Forget Her (Bonus Track)[/LIST]
Disc 4:

[*] Dream Brother
[*] I Woke Up in a Strange Place
[*] Mojo Pin
[*] Lilac Wine
[*] What Will You Say
[*] Last Goodbye
[*] Eternal Life
[*] Grace
[*] Moodswing Whiskey
[*] Man That Got Away
[*] Kanga Roo
[*] Hallelujah/I Know It's Over[/LIST]

2 discs of awesome-ness. Hot.

Everyone should own these two albums!

Grace is one of the great albums. Like most good music, it takes repeated plays before you can appreciate its many qualities. Jeff Buckley had so much potential before his untimely demise . The Grace album regularly appears in lists of all time top albums for a very good reason. If you've not heard his music before, give him a try but dont expect to get 'it' straight away.
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