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Raleigh Pioneer E-bike - Half Price NOW £650 - Was £1300 @ JE James Cycles
Found 2nd Dec 2018Found 2nd Dec 2018
Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar. Been shopping around for an E-bike for a while now, and saw this for £650. Rear carrier: Alloy carrier with Luggage strap Lighting: Front an… Read more
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What’s the difference between the pioneer and array edition ?


No... You and the bike discharge over about 50 miles. Max battery distance on setting no 1 for me has been 53 miles


Does this bike self charge when you peddle ?


Oh I really wanted this bike anyone know of any similar deals. ?


Thanks. So, for example, if you went shopping and left it locked up outside a supermarket you would unlock the battery and carry it inside the supermarket with you?

Endura Hummvee II Shorts 29% OFF! - Usually £59.99 - Now £42.44 - @
Found 10th Nov 2018Found 10th Nov 2018
Just got this offer in an email. If you ride mountain bikes like i do then you know these shorts are a steel at £42.44 why the 44p I have no clue.… Read more
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They look like you've done a wee wee.


Excellent shorts, but usually around this price at wiggle, crc, etc. But they also usually have a £10 off £50 too :) You don't work for them do you? :{

Diamondback Corax 1.0 Ebike - Now £1799! -
Found 7th Nov 2018Found 7th Nov 2018
Diamondback Corax 1.0 Ebike RRP £3000 NOW £1799 + free delivery! Great spec'd Full Suspension E-bike. Frame: 27+ Alloy 6061 frame, featuring 140mm HORST l… Read more
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ray1066 for everything. EU warehouse. for battery cells (wouldn't recommend building battery though) Excluding existing bike cost me £650.00 for compliant (250w) mid drive torque sensor bike with 2 x 500w Samsung celled batteries. I would buy one battery first it's enough for most people the second could be difficult to fit and interface electrically. You need to know what your doing and read up beforehand. Don't use PayPal's $ exchange rate would have cost me almost £50.00. Check your bank and pay in $.


Anyone any links/tips for battery/motor/controller for building our own ebikes?


Epic deal on a full susser ebike, nothing comes close for this money. Shame its not the 500w battery, but at this saving, can buy another battery for all day fun


What's the company like to deal with?


Could you pass the link please.

Carbon Frame Diamondback Lumis 2.0 Mountain Bike - £649.99 - RRP £1499 -  54% OFF - JE James Cycles
Found 6th Nov 2018Found 6th Nov 2018
A Carbon Mountain Bike with RockShox XC32 100mm Travel, Q15, Solar Air Fork, SRAM X7 2x10 and Easton EA50, 685mm Width x20mm Rise, 9Deg Bend, 5Deg Upsweep bars, for £650 great deal… Read more
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Very relevant , you can get a bike or a car, but hey Its up to you I have just put my opinion across and that’s it . Off course if you want to get the bike I ain’t got no issue with that.


The napkins might just come in handy


Merlin have the Sram GX 1x11 black / yellow version for £750 in 17" frame.


But those are the parts you're most likely to replace if you start using it a lot. Carbon frame is most likely to be within a few hundred grams of an equivalent alloy frame, but probably is lighter. The rims are decent quality, a set from Merlin is around £150. Fork is an XC32 which is around about the same as the old Toras/Recon Silvers which do the job, but are heavy with the steel stanchions. Drivetrain is a bit of a mishmash but nothing stands out as being particularly low end. Having looked around this price range recently I was finding the occasional bike with 8 or 9 speed Alivio for similar money!


Not that great a deal. Apart from the attention grabbing carbon frame, it's a standard cheap mountain-ish bike. Carbon frame is pointless on a cheap bike like this. Heavy fork, chainset, wheels will offset any weight saving gains on the frame. That's assuming the frame is actually lighter than a quality alloy one.

DiamondBack Lumis 1.0 27.5 Mountain Bike (15") Carbon frame 10 speed SRAM £549 delivered @ jejamescycles
Found 3rd Nov 2018Found 3rd Nov 2018
Details The Diamondback Lumis 1.0 HT Front Suspension Mountain Bike features an "Advanced Compact Carbon Frame", constructed using proprietary high modulus carbon fibre layers, fo… Read more
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Not that great a deal really. The carbon frame used here is just a gimmick. Will be a selling point no doubt. But affect the quality of other components fitted. And at this price point frame material is irrelevant.


Good spec at this price point. Plus you can drop 'carbon' into frame conversations with your mates lol


Not just weight it's about the stiffness of the ride too.


I'm not saying it's heavy for a mountain bike, however the whole point of a carbon bike, is weight. So surely their must be better spec'd bikes in this price range, around the same weight.


My £1k trail bike comes in at just under 12kg and if it was a mountain bike it would naturally have a little extra weight at this price bracket. I don’t personally see an issue with the weight, for what you are paying for this bike. I accept that for some people are little extra weight is a big issue, as per the other correspondent and that is fair enough. But for your average Joe, the weight should not put you off his bike.

Specialized Slaughter Control 2Bliss 27.5" x 2.3 mtb Tyre (slaughter grid £18.96) - £15.99 @ jejamescycles
Found 31st Aug 2018Found 31st Aug 2018
Specialized Slaughter Control 2Bliss 27.5" x 2.3 mtb Tyre (slaughter grid £18.96) - £15.99 @ jejamescycles
£15.99£3554%jejamescycles Deals
Specialized began as a bicycle tyre company and though they're now one of the best known bike brands in the world, they've never forgotten where they started. The current range of … Read more
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Definitely suitable as a rear tyre in summer, I run the maxxis minion semi slick all year round and it’s virtually identical


It should be ok unless you ride sharp stones that said my mate managed to rip a prototype black diamond encased spec last month in an hours use (excited)


good price. but how puncture proof is it?

Raleigh Strada E Electric City Bike -  £1000 Off - Now £1500 - @JE James Cycles
Found 25th May 2018Found 25th May 2018
Raleigh Strada E Electric City Bike - £1000 Off - Now £1500 - @JE James Cycles
£1,500£2,50040%jejamescycles Deals
Raleigh's fast city bike gets the addition of power. The Strada E uses Shimano's Steps e bike system with Di2 electronic shifting to make the perfect commuter bike Making use of S… Read more
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Did anybody go for this bike? How have you found it? I have one on order.


Cold. Not an iPhone at this price


I'm not sure I understand what you mean. The stand is for keeping the bike upright between riding sessions? Does it do something else?


"The European Commission (EC) has today released its proposal to amend the Motor Vehicle Insurance Directive (MID), which would mean that pedelec users without third party liability insurance would be riding illegally." Another good reason for supporting Brexit!


That is a lot of bike for the money! Decent spec, carbon forks, hydraulic breaks!

Great Budget E-bike Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar £780 @ JeJames
Found 25th May 2018Found 25th May 2018
Great Budget E-bike Raleigh Pioneer Electric Cross Bar £780 @ JeJames
£780£1,30040%jejamescycles Deals
Great Budget e-bike from a trusted brand. With a TranzX F15 front wheel mount motor which provides the assistance to get you to where you want to go quickly and smoothly. The lat… Read more
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"The European Commission (EC) has today released its proposal to amend the Motor Vehicle Insurance Directive (MID), which would mean that pedelec users without third party liability insurance would be riding illegally."


I didn't say it was a deal breaker and I voted hot, but the battery price/life issue is very real and few buyers are aware of it initially. Replacing batteries on a cheaper ebike is rarely viable from a cost point of view: may be better to remove all the electric stuff and sell on a decent conventional bike.


Depends, if you keep using it until it totally runs out or stick it in the shed for five months and expect no loss in capacity. Also, conversely, it is pretty certain that in 2021 batteries will be cheaper and higher capacity than now. By creating a market for batteries it ensures that they will continue to be produced and the bike will not be obsolete. I'm no fan of electric bikes, i think appropriate gears are much better. However, the battery issue is hardly a deal breaker.


Looks good for the money but the problem with ebikes is that the battery life expectancy is around 3 years and you are then faced with a BIG bill to replace it (usually £300-£500).


Possibly, but adds further weight, of course.

2015 Trek1.2 H2  road bike £350 @ jejamescycles
Found 23rd May 2018Found 23rd May 2018
2015 Trek1.2 H2 road bike £350 @ jejamescycles
£350£65046%jejamescycles Deals
2015 model according to their website. 56cm in stock, 58cm may be available. Frame 100 Series Alpha AluminiumOrk Trek carbon road, SpeedTrap compatibleWheels Alloy hubs w/Bon… Read more

It's collect only,no deliveries.


i don't need it but why do i want it so much at this price?! :/


I'm ~5'8", have a longer torso than most women, and am usually a 54cm in the (mostly women's) road bikes I've tried. Given that this bike is only available in 56cm and 58cm unisex frames, I would imagine that this would almost certainly be too big for your daughter.



Another option a bit cheaper but still good value

Dawes Academy Bullet LT Kids Bike- 26 inch £194 @ JEJames
Found 1st May 2018Found 1st May 2018
Dawes Academy Bullet LT Kids Bike- 26 inch £194 @ JEJames
Lighter 26 inch hybrid bike, i got it delivered last week for my 9 year old and she could not be happier. This 26 model weighs just 10.8kg, . Size: 26" Wheel, 13" Frame.Frame: … Read more

Then, I'm afraid life dealt you a bad hand, but it's still no excuse not to care for your bicycle... You just need to get out and ride it a bit more now, Mr Spongefactory ;-)


What if you hate your brother and beat him up?


It's a shame that this is your experience. My kids (and the others we ride with) understand that they are lucky to have these bikes and take care of them. That said, ours get raced and there's a big difference between dumping the thing on the ground ("go and pick it up and park it correctly") and breaking them in a race ("At least you overtook him first!"). Care for it like it's your brother, but ride it like you stole it :-)


You must have very good kids who've been taught to look after things - most I see just throw their £500 bikes on the ground and wreck them in a short while! Parents with money (or at least credit) and no parenting skills. (annoyed)


This makes very good sense. I nearly pulled the trigger on a second hand very good condition isla beinn 20" for £200 but had to go for a 20" carrera from halfords. The family were paying and didn't want a second hand bike. Very pleased with he carrera though for £180. Very light and looks the biz.

Haibike Sduro Hardseven 4.0 E-Bike £1,695 at Je James Cycles
Found 7th Apr 2018Found 7th Apr 2018
Haibike Sduro Hardseven 4.0 E-Bike £1,695 at Je James Cycles
I have this bike and can recommend if your thinking of going electric. If your 21 with quads like Arnie it may not be for you - but if you want to make a huge difference on how … Read more

I've got the Haibike Sduro cross which is pretty much the commuter-ish version of the Hard Seven (bigger, thinner wheels) which I do about 40 miles a day getting to work and back. It's not a fantastic bike, but it's very good for the money. Some of the components are a bit low-rent - the rear sprockets a particular bug bear of mine as I wear out the top gear every 4-5 months (the chain starts slipping when you pedal hard). It's still under warranty, but will put something decent on when it runs out. One other thing to consider if buying a leccy bike online is the warranty. Haibike aren't keen on you just popping round to your local Haibike dealer if there's a warranty issue - they insist you deal with whoever supplied you the bike in the first place. So you may have to post the bike back to them if there's any issues. That said - I'd still recommend one. Mine 'somehow' seems to go well over the 15.5 mph assistance restriction so is great for ripping past rude road-riders that deem riders with flat bars too lowly to acknowledge.


It uses the Yamaha PW system, so you should be OK. Look on ebiketuning website for options.


Can you remove the speed limiter on this one? I was skeptical about electric bikes until I hired one in Marrakech, it brought the fun back to cycling without having to do the boring bit, and whizzing up hill at 45 mph past the lycra warriors was great fun.


Just think, if you bought one you could get around so much faster, and would then have spare time to work on your grammar and spelling (cheeky) (isn't sarcasm fun?). I bought an equivalent Haibike model for around the same price in a sale just over 18 months ago. Haven't regretted it for a moment. The build quality is excellent and, so far, it's been 100% reliable. I have a problem at the base of my spine which makes pushing hard a real pain, and this is where the electric assistance shines. Be aware, though, that the bike is pretty heavy and you'll notice the extra weight when riding with the motor off and when travelling downhill.


I have the hardnine with the Bosch system. Would highly recommend Haibike. Heat.

Trek 1.2 H2 Compact Road Bike (2015) - £350 @ Je James Cycles
Found 12th Jan 2018Found 12th Jan 2018
Trek 1.2 H2 Compact Road Bike (2015) - £350 @ Je James Cycles
£350£65046%jejamescycles Deals
Trek 1.2 H2 Compact Road Bike. 2015 model but the spec hasn’t changed since. You are essentially getting the same bike. Hope this helps someone.

Looking for a smaller frame - 50cm (5ft sister)... Anyone have any ideas?


That review is assuming it's a £650 bike. If the review was run again assuming a £350 price tag it would be a lot better.

robodan918 Ouch


Agreed. You normally can't get Trek bikes via mail order. I used to own a Tiagra specced version of this. Very nice entry level bike. Got me hooked on road cycling. £350 seems a reasonable value for this sort of bike these days. You're getting a very nice frameset. Wheels and finishing kit are very basic though. As you would expect in this price range. But once you put some nicer wheels and decent tyres and brake pads it will serve as well as any alloy road bike. Also buying Trek gives you good resale value.


Also Trek don't allow mail order. They insist all their bikes are built professionally and handed over in person.

Great Value Waterproof - Bontrager Stormshell Town Jacket £49 @ Je James Cycles
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Great Value Waterproof - Bontrager Stormshell Town Jacket £49 @ Je James Cycles
£49£69.9930%jejamescycles Deals
A tidy waterproof Jacket, perfect for this time of year. JE James Cycles seem to have quite a few deals on Bontrager clothing at the moment. RRP of £129 (if you believe that) but £… Read more
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Don't forget to use the code "FIRST5" for an extra 5 quid off if it's your first order from them

Bontrager B2 Windshell Long Sleeve Base Layer £19.99 @ Je James Cycles
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Bontrager B2 Windshell Long Sleeve Base Layer £19.99 @ Je James Cycles
£19.99£59.9967%jejamescycles Deals
You don't usually see winter clothing actually discounted at the time that you need it. Great windshell base layer from a well know brand like Bontrager, bit pricey at RRP but at … Read more
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cheers, good deal and need some backup for the cold weather.



Oooooooo..... might have to treat myself to an early christmas present Anyone know what the sizing of these it... not the ones two sizes two small I hope, thats caught me out before more than once 😰😰


Ordered - thanks OP (y)


Good spot

Great E-bike Deal - Giant Road-E+ 2 25kph Electric Bike - Over £1000 off! £1549 @ Je James Cycles
Found 25th Nov 2017Found 25th Nov 2017
Great E-bike Deal - Giant Road-E+ 2 25kph Electric Bike - Over £1000 off! £1549 @ Je James Cycles
If you’re looking for an E-bike look no further than this beauty. Iv personally had this model since last year and this bike was worth the money at full price never mind now, with … Read more
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I got an 8fun front hub motor kit with a 9amp/hr battery........ cost about £400, but this was about 4/5 years ago now. I'm still using it so its been really reliable, but you can get better, more torque, and more efficient systems now. I would prob go crank drive if i bought a kit again. Ebikes, and Ekits take a lot of research to get what you want, everyone has different requirements....;. try the Ebike forums, Pedelecs, Endless Sphere and even some cycle forums have a Ebike section.


Can i ask where you got your conversion kit from? Im wary of ebay bargains with this and have only looked at cyclotricity, thanks


The reason ebikes are so expensive, is that they just dont sell many here in the UK. Its currently a really small market. If the amount of ebikes sold were the same as regular bikes, they would only be half the price, or even less. I built my own ebike with a kit, but would only buy a ready built one if has a big discount.


Blimey. You could make a killing selling the xiaomi scooter for that price on here!


I have the trp spyre and they have been far better since I replaced the pads to Shimano deore pads £7 a set, the spyres are meant to be even better with swissstop pads £18 a set. for the bling I also added icetech rotors on, and I'm sure they make a big different over the regular rotors and I lost around 70-80 grams over the old rotors and CL adaptor, they havent got the power of Xt m8000 or even slx mountain bike brakes but they stop ok. the 105 and ultagra Shimano hydraulics are £250/£300 on Merlin cycles if you fancy an upgrade

Giant Inner Tube 26X1.5-1.75 Thorn Resistant made by Kenda - Schraeder valve at jejamescycles for £1.75 (free C&C or £1.99 delivery)
Found 2nd Aug 2017Found 2nd Aug 2017
Giant Inner Tube 26X1.5-1.75 Thorn Resistant made by Kenda - Schraeder valve at jejamescycles for £1.75 (free C&C or £1.99 delivery)
These are the really heavy thick inner tubes ideal for commuting and touring. Made by Kenda for Giant they are the same as the more expensive Kenda version. I believe they weigh 46… Read more
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Claud Butler Excalibur 1 Front Light 1/2 Watt Led £1.99 @ Je James Cycles
Found 26th Mar 2017Found 26th Mar 2017
Claud Butler Excalibur 1 Front Light 1/2 Watt Led £1.99 @ Je James Cycles
1/2 Watt LED with 2 additional superbright LED's. If you spend a tenner it's free delivery. Combine it with this… Read more

Still available...


je James are very good


+ Standard delivery at £1.99.

Claude Butler Vicenza 2013 road bike over 67% off at JE James, £275 with code
Found 25th Mar 2017Found 25th Mar 2017
Claude Butler Vicenza 2013 road bike over 67% off at JE James, £275 with code
Reduced by 67% to £300 then code MARCH25 takes another £25 off. In 50cm and 53cm frame sizes. I'm not into road bikes and cannot comment on the quality, just saw it while browsin… Read more
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Did any of you guys get this? Any good?


You can make adjustments to saddle height and position (fore/aft) if necessary you can add a longer or shorter stem and adjust bar angle to give optimum position. Each bike frame is different so difficult to be categorical about which frame size fits which body but 1cm should be negotiable. General rule is that it's easier to make a small bike bigger than a big bike smaller.


if ideally my size is 54, does it still make sense I buy the size 53? I mean, can I adjust the saddle heights etc to suit my proportions? I thought to ask before proceeding with the purchase


Call them and they apply it


Neither MARCH25 or flash10 codes won't work

Liv (Giant) Enchant 1 2015 women's bike £194 (with code) @ JE James Cycles
Found 22nd Mar 2017Found 22nd Mar 2017
Liv (Giant) Enchant 1 2015 women's bike £194 (with code) @ JE James Cycles
Reduced to £219 already then voucher MARCH25 takes £25 off orders over £200. Basic spec but a well known brand.
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​thanks fairylights33. That's great


A (thorough, took ages) Google search brought up a spreadsheet listing the S as 13.7kg. I don't know if that's​ accurate, but reviews did seem to suggest not super light but OK. It's never going to be as light as a high end road bike I guess.


​I did click the link. I even went on the official giant website. Stating lightweight does not even come close to defining a weight because i might define lightweight as 15kg but someone else might define it as 10kg.


My 8yr old has the 2017 model in an XS frame - its not the lightest and doesn't have disc brakes but she gets around on it fine


Why cold as always??