Jelly Baby - QUICK QUICK
first 100 survey replies for the day gets a little freebie bag with assorted jelly belly candies - yum!


too fattening for me (diet) humpf:?


Thank you for requesting a sample bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans, further checks
will be made on your submission and if you are successful your free sample will
be with you shortly. Please note: if you are a successful applicant you will
now not be eligable for another sample pack for three months.

All your personal information is treated with strict confidentiality and we will not
sell or pass it on for any reason. We use this information for internal
purposes only and to better understand our customers.

Fingers crossed

all gone.

How this works
We offer 100 free samples to UK residents everyday, 365 days of the year.

This is ON all year round, but always [COLOR=Red]SORRY[/COLOR], never get a chance, can't be bothered any more :x.

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i've had this a couple times. keeps me happy.
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