Jelly Belly Bean FLOPS £10 for 1KILO

Jelly Belly Bean FLOPS £10 for 1KILO

Found 17th Nov 2010
Love these jelly beans and normal bags are £20 a kilo so why not try something a pit pricey unless u spend £50 n its free
Irregular jelly beans in weird shapes, sizes and colors, but taste just as good at half the price!

Did you ever wonder what happens to the Jelly Belly jelly beans that are a little less perfect? Or the ones that somehow escaped the Jelly Belly logo stamper? Well, those are our Belly Flops!
No less tasty or lovable, than regular Jelly Belly jelly beans; they just come in wild shapes and sizes. You may find one that's round, one that's square, or you may even find a couple stuck together. On very rare occasions, a flavour may not match a color. A red Belly Flop might taste like Blueberry, or a white one might taste like Chocolate Pudding. Crazy - but fun!!

Belly Flop 1 kilo bags may contain any mix of our flavours from any assortment including Rookies and each bag is randomly packed. But you're sure to get a good variety of flavours in each bag.
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You need to add the £5.38 UK Mainland postage to the title.......
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Home Bargains do a much better deal than this .

They are called Jellystones and you can buy a 365gram tub for 99p so for £10 you can get over 3.5 kg of the same thing.

They are the same.mishapes and stuck together and are the same ones as you buy in the jelly bean factory at around £3.99 for 200 grams or so.

Only problem is ,when they have them they sell out within 3 or 4 days

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Home Bargains do a much better deal than this .They are called … Home Bargains do a much better deal than this .They are called Jellystones ....

Are they made by the same people?

Jelly Belly are incredible IMHO!
You can get 1.8 kg tubs of normal jelly belly beans for around £15 from costco and someone is selling them for £20 delivered on ebay for those who dont have a costco nearby Jelly Belly are the best around and worth the extra but I wouldnt go for the bean flops as from having a look around people say that there is not a good mix of flavours, when you take the delivery cost on one bag into account its cheaper to buy proper ones on ebay or costco if your luckey enough to have one close by.
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Costco membership is worth the money just for the fact you can buy the 1.8k tubs of Jelly Belly jelly beans.... though they have went up to *I think* around £15.
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