Jelly Belly Beans 45 Flavours 1.81 Kilo £15.23 @ costco

Jelly Belly Beans 45 Flavours 1.81 Kilo £15.23 @ costco

Found 18th Dec 2012
Nice alternative to roses, celebrations, heroes etc for your Xmas treats.

45 Flavours!
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I love jelly beans!
Can eat them and the level never really seems to go down
anyone want to buy me some for xmas, please
Love these - people usually sell these costco packs on ebay for a few pounds more if you don't have a costco near you.
hot from me....these are the delicious...
Hot like the fires'o'hell!
love these, heat added
Nice but not as nice as gourmet jelly beans but good offer so heat added
The best Jelly Beans bar none!

Hot deal!
Yes please :-)
Jelly Belly are by far the best, heat
Not really a fan but good price
1kg yes please!
That is a heck of a lot of jelly beans
Damn, I just spent about £12.50 on a 1.3KG jar of "The Jelly Bean Factory" 36 flavours @ Makro :-(
A minimum of 2 so over £30 spend
Oh, I want I want I want!!!!
Hot thanks
31.58 to buy
Thanks, yummy beans
I'd prefer some key lime pie
Jelly Bean? Pfft, not iOS - Cold!
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12.69 + VAT
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Check out the Jelly Belly recipies Link
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loveeee theeesseeeeee
wow wow wow!!! wish i had a costco card!!! just looked on ebay about £22 with delivery! i need these beans lol
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Whats the delivery charge for this?
Anyone know?

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Dont need one for online they just add 5% to price.
Deal? These have been this price all year
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