Jelly belly belly flops @ poundland

Jelly belly belly flops @ poundland

Found 8th Dec 2013
Jelly belly sweets @ Poundland
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Will match the jelly belly I already have! Or should I call it a one pack?

Love these! Will be looking at my local poundland tomorrow! Thank you

gonna have to get involved again! Love these =]

What are flops ?

They are mis-shapes, does not stop them being just as nice

Got these once in my local Poundland, will have to look again. Thanks for posting, love these in our house.

Ohh never seen these before, heat added

If you're planning on stocking up then I'd personally just buy the a kilo of them from eBay for £11.99 or something. I bought a load of these last time they had them in and noticed they aren't very varied in terms of flavour and had a lot of the coffee/liquorice ones...

Mmmmmmm... Heat added

nice find heat added

My boyfriend bought a massive bag of these from selfridges for his daughter they look great lol


None in the Grimsby store as of yesterday, howevee they have been in a few times so keep checking

Thanks for reminding me to get some before Christmas
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